Parish Abbreviations

St Peter Port (St PP) St Saviours (St Sv) St Sampsons (St S) Castel (C)
Vale (V) St Andrews (St A) Torteval (T) St Peter in the Wood (St P) St Martins (St M) Forest (F)

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IA 1585 Sausmarez Manor. Jean Andros- contributed by Angela Radford.
IBD 1763. Jean Blondel; Moulin de Milieu (C). Identification from Mark Norman.
ICH 1758. La Petite Câche, Landes du Marche (V) (see Introduction and logo above) Jean Cohu of Castel (1735-1814) m. (C) 7.6.1761 Judith Le Page (1735-1805) had issue- purchased land in Vale in 1756, just over the
Parish boundary. Their grandsons Thomas and Nicolas farmed at different ends of Landes du Marche and eventually the road leading to their two farms became known as La Rue Cohu, although it is actually begins in Castel*.
ICNV:SGN : 1729. Jean Canivet and Suzanne Guignon, Rue de L'Eglise (St M) contributed by Bud Guignion*.
ID 1604. Duvaux Farm, Baubigny (St S).
IDH 1604; keystone of arch at Le Repos au Coin, Rue des Frênes (St M) - originally listed as IDM.
IDF 1775 Les Câches (F)- contributed by Angela Radford.
IDL 1739 on kitchen beam at Le Grée, Le Gron (St Sv) Jean de Lisle - contributed by Angela Radford.
IDP 1753 Bon Secours, La Fosse (St M) Jean des Perques (?) - contributed by Angela Radford.
IDR:EDR 1821. Jean and Jeanne Dobrée. Mounted over garden gate at La Cherverie, Rue du Gele (C).
IDR:SDBC:1788. Jean Dobrée & Susanne de Beaucamp (?). On barn at La Cherverie, Rue du Gele (C).
IDS 1789. (?) Jean de Sausmarez. Sausmarez Manor (St M).
1754 IFL Clos au Barbier La Villette (F).
IFL 1754 Clos au Barbeire, La Villette (St M) Jean Fallaize (?)- contributed by Angela Radford.
IFL 1827 L' Ecluse, Hougue Mague (St S) Jean Falla (fils Thomas) from the house deeds, kept by the current owner*.
IGN 1738. Maze Hollow, La Rue Maze (St M) - identification contributed by Bud Guignion whose great x4 grandfather James Guignon was born on La Rue Maze in 1715 .
IGV 1776 La Fosse Equerre, Route de St André (St A).
IH 1596 CH. Arms of Jean Henry in shield and fleur-de-lys above (from demolished house at La Grève) moved in 19th Century to Le Cognon, Hougue Jehannet (St S).
IH 1750. Barn at Les Manoir, Les Effards (C).
ILF MB 1743 on shield background, keystone of arch at Les Hamelins (St P).
ILFT RLFT 1800 Lenfestey; Les Sages de Bas, Les Sages (T).
I.LG 1841; Les Chasses, La Rue des Villets (F). Presently being restored for the National Trust*.
ILH 1740 Les Prevosts (St Sv) Jean Lihou - contributed by Angela Radford*.
ICLJS 1984. Ian C. Lacey and his wife. Les Martins Farm, Les Martins (F) see also PMG 1709.*
IGR (heart) MLLC (heart) 1776. Four Cabots (St A).
ILLC 1775 The Meadows (C) Jean Le Lacheur.
ILM:M:1685 in wood on barn door at La Maison d'Aval (St P) Jean Le Messurier.
ILP 1729 Le Variouf de Haut (F).
ILP ILG or C on one stone and the date 1811 on another. Le Patourel; barn at La Ramée (St PP)*.
I:M 1726 St Clair Farm (St S) Jean Mahy (?).
IMG 1743 Le Reculé, Saints Road (St M) Jean Mauger - contributed by Angela Radford.
IMG MGL 1766. La Vignette, 13 Mont Durand (St PP).
IML 1740 on arch at Old Farm, Brock Road (St S) Jean Mollet.
IML MM 1786. I think this stone should be read left to right and then down the middle. At No. 2 Charroterie (St PP)*.
INT: LES LOHIERS (in box) 1784 Les Lohiers (St Sv) Jean Naftel.
IOZ 1722. Les Mourains (C) cider-press barn.
IOZ 1735. Les Mourains (C) gate in lane.
IOZ 1745. Les Mourains (C) beam in cider-press barn .
IOZ 1765. Les Mourains (C) pump - all Jean Ozanne.
IP (no date) Le Vieux Rouvet (St Sv)*.
IR:IS 1760. Les Eperons (St A) Jean Rouget & Judith Simon.
IRP 1770 Le Bourg de Bas (F) - contributed by Angela Radford.
IRS.RRS 1767. Les Roussiaux (C) Jean & Rachel Roussel.
ITLT 1606 on shield background keystone of arch at La Pompe, Les Mouilpieds (F).
IVDM 1680 M Le Bourg de Haut (F) (heart on either side of the last M) barn.
J.B & E.A. 1822. Le Frie Baton is listed as owned by Jean Blondel fils Leonard in the 1834 and 1854 Livres de Perchage and by Leonard in 1808 so JB = Jean Blondel. Window lintel on house currently undergoing restoration at the top of Le Frie Baton (St Sv). Identification from Mark Norman.*
JDM 1742 Le Douit, St. Saviour. This single datestone was originally a paving slab in the hallway of Le Douit (which stands opposite La Ruette) and which was largely rebuilt in the 1970s.The stone currently stands alongside the front door and records Jean Dumaresq (1706 - ***). He married Elizabeth Le Prevost in 1748. This house is recorded in the Livre de Perchage as being in the ownership of the Dumaresq family from 1695-1808 and thence by descent to the Allez family of Les Buttes, St. Saviour. From Mark Norman.*
JDQ ARBL 1847. James Duquemin and Anne Robilliard, the old pump at Les Corneilles. This is a link to Peter E. Guilbert's Pages.
JDS 1759. James de Sausmarez. Sausmarez Manor (St M).
J.FB. 1798. Maison des Effards (St S). Keith Robin reports: 'The FB relates to the Ferbrache family who had an interest in the property until the 1970s'.
JGV 1888, initialled stone in the wall at La Fosse Equerre (St A) *.
J.H. 1760. Les Effards (C) Le Sr. Jean Henry- contributed by Angela Radford*.
J.HB 1867 La Petite Masse, Haute Capelles (St S)*.
JLG 1799. Fulwood, Ronde Cheminée Road (St S).
J. Le Patourel A.D.1855 and 1856; keystones of two arches at the Guernsey Brewery, South Esplanade (St PP)*.
J (not D) LP MDG 1778. Le Patourel & de Garis; main house La Ramée (St PP)
JMD MG 1863 La Pompe, Les Mouilpieds (F) arch.
JRB ELPV1848. Les Mouilpieds (F). Jean Robin & Eliza Le Prevost. Identified by Christopher Warren.
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