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Lé trafi


Les gens d'Jèrri pâlent tréjous entouor l'trafi! People in Jersey always talk about the traffic! There are two words used for a car: lé moto and la vaituthe. Either can be used in conversation. For two-wheeled modes of transport, Jèrriais has borrowed some words from English: la bike et la motorbike, and the word for bus has also been borrowed: la beusse, although the spelling has been modified.

To use the bus, i' faut acater un titchet (one must buy a ticket) and for cars you have to acater d'la pétrole (buy petrol). When going along les rues (the streets) it is very important to stop at les veues (the lights) and to let pedestrians crouaîsi la rue (cross the road).

When you arrive where you are going by car, it can be difficult to find a parking space.

There are two words in Jèrriais which mean to park: partchi and stâtionner. A park is un par, and so logically enough a car park is un par à motos or un par à vaituthes. But a multi-story car park can be described as un bâtisse à stâtionner (a building for parking). But be careful! I'n'faut pon èrchéver un titchet! You must not get a ticket!



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