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Êtcheunme! - Achoo!


J'ai eune suée d'fraid. I've got a bad cold. As in English, the Jèrriais word fraid means cold in the the sense of temperature and in the sense of the illness.

Someone might ask you: Coumme est qu'tu'es? How are you? Or alternatively, the question might be: Tch'est qu'i' y'a? What's the matter?

If you have a headache, you would say: J'ai ma la tête. If you have a sore throat, you would say: J'ai ma la gorge. Your friends and colleagues might say that you are blianc l'tou des dginnes (white around the gills i.e. green around the gills). If you are feeling really bad, you could say: J'sis malade coumme un tchian (I'm as sick as a dog).

If you are really ill, perhaps you should go and see lé docteu (the doctor) who would take your tempéthatuthe (temperature) and might give you eune înjection (an injection). But perhaps you will get eune prescription (a prescription) for du sitho (cough mixture), d'la méd'cinne (medicine) or des boulets (some pills). In that case you would go siez l'apotitchi (to the chemist's).

Let's hope it's not so bad that you have to go to l'Hôpita (the Hospital). But at least you would have les nosses (the nurses) pouor vos souongni (to look after you).

Tchiques jours au liet (a few days in bed) might do some good, et un mio d'èrpos (and a bit of rest).

Èrdgéthiss'-ous bétôt! (Get well soon!)



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