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Parish Abbreviations: St Helier (St H) Trinity (T) Grouville (G) St Martin (St Mt) St Mary (St My) St Brelade (St B) St John (St J) St Ouen (St O) St Saviour (St S) St Clement (St C) St Lawrence (St L) St Peter (St P).
1351. FLS ILS (in shield) 1664. François and Jeanne Le Sueur; Bras de Fer (T).
1352. JBD (entwined hearts) MBL 1869. Jean Badier and Marie Billot were godparents to Charles François Ruault in St Martin in 1853; lintel on the cow shed at Valley Farm, La Rue St Julien (St S) opposite La Rue de Baudins and right on top of the St Martin, St Saviour boundary stream.
1353.RN MMC (no date). Richard Noel bap. (St Mt) August 1649 and his mother Marguerite Machon fille Jean fils Domenique of Bas Rozel who m. (St Mt) 15.6.1642 Jean fils Noé Noel of Trinity. Damaged lintel - reused in the barns at Valley Farm, La Rue St Julien (St S) opposite La Rue de Baudins and right on top of the St Martin, St Saviour boundary stream. Identification courtesy of Janet Ferbrache (née Noel).
1354. IPC (heart) IN 1817. Jean Perchard and Jeanneton Noel m. (St H) 9.6.1816; plaque in the roadside wall three feet from the ground at Valley Farm, La Rue St Julien (St S) opposite La Rue de Baudins and right on top of the St Martin, St Saviour boundary stream.
1355. T.RN (heart) J.DR 1877. Thomas Renouf fs. Clement (St Mt) prop. and Jeanne Dorey fe. Philippe (T) m. (T) 2.11.1854. Plaque and arch keystone over barn doors at Le Huquet Farm, La Rue du Hucquet (St Mt). Marriage courtesy of Anne Webbe.
1356. CLH (entwined hearts) SPL 1825, Charles Isaac Le Huquet and Susanne Pallot m. (St Mt) 1825 - rest of date illegible; gable end window lintel at Blanc Pignon, La Rue de la Pallotterie (St Mt)- see also 75.
1357. JDLM (entwined hearts) EN 1830; Jean de la Mare Jnr of St Martin and Elizabeth Noel of Trinity
m. (St Mt) 10.4.1813, Le Cottage de Vallée, Rozel (St Mt).
1358. E.STARCK 1890. Edouard Starck; gatepost at Les Hougues Farm, La Route des Côtes du Nord (T).
1359. IPL MBG 1786. Jean Pallot fils Jean and Marie Beaugie m. (St Mt) 27.6.1764; displaced
lintel over back door at Underwood, Rue des Boullions (T).
1360. JLB EGD 1812. Jean
Le Boutillier of Grouville and Elizabeth Gaudin
of St Martin m. (G) 25.9.1784. First storey plaque
at Highgrove, Boulivot (G).
1361. ILB. Jean Le Boutillier maybe? (see
left). Carved roughly into a window surround at
Highgrove, Boulivot (G).
1362.FA 1660 (on shield background). François
Amy; arch capstone (?) now incorporated into a
wall behind eastern gable end of Highgrove, Boulivot (G).
1363. RAM JB 1977. Rodney Amy and Jill Baldwin. At Boulivot (G) - see also 183 and 357-9.
1364. IA ELB 1676. Jean Ahier and
Elizabeth Le Breton m. (St S) 17.7.1674. Corbel
at Bien Venue, Bon Air Lane (St S) - see also
1267. Identified by Pam Hislop.
1365. HAT.JLBT 1855. Helier Arthur & Jeanne
Le Boutillier (David Arthur's great x 2 grand
parents) m. (St H) 2.2.1828. Covered by a
conservatory at Cedar Lodge (St J).
1366. HAT (heart) MSM 1796. Helier Arthur & Marie Simon (David Arthur's great x 3 grandparents) m. (St J) 18.9.1793. Cedar Farm (St J).
1367. HAT 1710 AMZ Helier Arthur & Anne Malzard (David Arthur's great x 6 grandparents), marriage not yet traced. Cedar Lodge (St J).
1368. PLSB. MN (reversed) 1703 or 1708. Philippe Lesbirel de Herupe bur. (St J) 23.8.1720 - no marriage or burial for a MN found. The early St John's records are somewhat erratic. Rear of Bechet Farm Cottage, Herupe (St J).
1369. AHC. IAL1786. Abraham Hocquard and Jeanne Anley
t.d. St John m. (St S) 29.4.1779. L'Abri (St J). Formerly listed
as beginning with an 'I'.
1370. IBR ARN 1827. Jean Barette and Anne Renouf t.d. St John m. (St J) 23.11.1791; Les Landes Farm, Rue des Landes (St J).
1371. JBR ACT 1881. Joseph Barette and Anne Coutanche; 1891 Census Reference St John District 4; Folio 31; Page 8. First child Ann Cristin Barette b. (St J) circa 1875; a window lintel recently uncovered (and now inside) at La Sarsonnerie (formerly Don Farm), Rue de L'Etocquet (St J) see also 511 and 616.
1372. P.BR A.AMY 1896. Philip Barette and Anne Amy; 1891 Census Reference St John District 3; Folio 20; Page 5. First child Florence Amy Barette b. (St J) circa 1889; Coach House lintel (entrance filled in and buildings redeveloped as three cottages facing the other way) at Oakland, Rue de la Cimitère (St J).
1373. PAL CDQ F(not P)AL 1728. Philippe and François Anley (father and son) and Catherine de Quetteville. Marriage and issue predate the St John's index but Catherine de Quetteville femme Phle. Anley was bur. (St J) 5.7.1743. Plaque, probably from the old frontage now on the rear of outbuildings at Ivy Gate, La Grande Route de St Jean (St J).
1374. PR (entwined hearts) GM 1975. Philip Rondel and Gwendoline Morgan; La Rosière, La Rue de la Mare Ballam (St J) - see also 1651-52.
1375. PLC IHQ 1804 - lintel above a north facing and blocked in doorway and PLC IHQ 1822 (shown); lintel on south facing side of La Vignette (T).
1376. TCB. MGL 1734. Thomas Cabot and Marie Gallichan t.d. Trinity m. (St J) 21.2.1727/8; Astley, off Rue du Pont (T).
1377. CHQ:MNM 1831. On outbuildings at Saints Germain, La Rue des Saints Germains (St L).
1378. INM (heart) unfinished 1742. Jean Norman. Plaque at Perry Farm, La Rue des Saints Germains (St J).
1379. RMJ JM 1968. Plaque on extension to Perry Farm, La Rue des Saints Germains (St J).
1380. RVD BVD (heart) 1986; on pool house at Perry Farm, La Rue des Saints Germains (St J).
1381.TTG (heart) ARR 1735. Thomas Tourgis of St Mary and Anne Renouf m. (St H) 14.2.1791. Lintel on outbuildings at Les Chasses, La Rue des Servais (St J).
1382. RLP (entwined hearts) SB 1999. Roy Le Plongeon and Sylvia Butler; lintel on modern house at La Chasse, La Rue des Servais (St J).
1383. ILB (entwined hearts) AAM 1804. Josué Le Boutillier of St John and Dlle Anne Amy of St Saviour m. (St S) 5.4.1798; Acorn Cottage (St J).
1384. IRM (upside down heart - or is it a tree or an apple?) CQR 1734. Jean Remon and Catherine Querée. Marriage predates the St John's index but Catherine Querée veuve Jean Remon was bur. (St J) 12.1.1775; Folly Farm, La Rue des Buttes (St J).
1385. IHM IFR Survs. 1819. Jean Hamon and Jean Fleury - Churchwardens. Stone in a border in the garden at the Rectory (St J).
1386. W.H.L. - F.E.L. Survs. 1938. W.H. Langlois and F.E. Luce Jnr. Churchwardens. Ref: Evening Post Almanac 1937. Stone on garden wall commemorating the reconstruction of the Rectory (St J).
1387. IAH EN 1795. Jean Ahier and Elizabeth Neel m. (St S) 24.6.1778. First storey plaque at Caprine, Rue du Tapon (St S).
1388. PMR& MJAB 1827. Philippe Mourant fils Timothée Mourant and Marie Marett below - bap. (St S) 25.05.1788 and Marie Jeanne Aubin m. (St H) 10.2.1822. Brookhall (St S)
1389. TMR. MMR 1811. Timothée Mourant and Marie Marett m. (St S) 9.7.1786; Brookhall (St S).
1390. IHP - FAM } CW 1775. Jean Hooper (see 357-9) and François Amy - Churchwardens. Lintel at Grouville Rectory, La Rue à Don (G).
1391. A.W.F - L.deC.M } CW 1933. Arthur Winter Falle and L. de Carteret Malet. Ref: Evening Post Almanac 1932. Churchwardens' plaque, commemorating a reconstruction, above the lintel at Grouville Rectory, La Rue à Don (G).
1392. CN ELG 1686. The 'E' is part of the left side of the 'N'
and the 'L' part of the right. Clement Nicolle and Elizabeth Le Gros m. (G) 14.10.1666; fireplace at Carrefour au Clercq Farm (G).
1393. CN EN 1699. Clement and Elie Nicolle, the sons of Clement above. Small grey stone plaque, with the date on a separate stone, in the roadside wall at Carrefour au Clercq Farm (G).
1394. EN 1701. Elie Nicolle; arch keystone now reused in the roadside wall at Carrefour au Clercq Farm (G).
1395. EN 1714. Elie Nicolle; small grey stone plaque in the garden wall of Carrefour au Clercq Farm (G).
1396.EN IG 1740. Elie Nicolle and Jeanne Gruchy m. (G) 12.12.1712 . First storey plaque at Carrefour au Clercq Farm (G). The Nicolles all identified by their descendant Paul Nicolle.
1397. IHP 1620 inside a shield. Jean Hooper who m. Marie Le Geyt (St S) 30.11.1608. Centre of a large lintel now inside Le Boulivot (G) - see also 183 357-9 and 1363.
1398. FJB (entwined hearts) FRW 1985. Frederick John Benest and Fleur Remone Wallis; construction stone as a window lintel on west extension of La Raulinerie, La Rue d'Ebenezer (T) see also 300.
1399.DVT & SML 1824. David Vautier and Susanne Mollet t.d. St Martin m. (St H) 14.2.1824. 1st storey plaque at Le Nid Solitaire (St Mt).
1400. I.R.B. J.C.B. 1993. Iain Robert Blair and Juliet Claire Blair neé Hodgson; lintel commemorating conversion of the barn behind Le Nid Solitaire (St Mt) from garaging to accommodation.
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