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Jersey's Roll of Service: 1914-1919


The roll of service gives the names of the Jerseymen of military age who fought in the First World War.
Along with the name is given Parish, Rank, Ship or Regiment. Sometimes the name is only given as initials, mostly it is a full name. The other details are usually present, but are absent in some instances.
These pages give name only. They are an index to the roll of service, not the full details (Parish, Rank, Regiment).
For lookups on the extra details, e-mail me at with the names required. Parish details will be added later.



Baal, A

Baal, Arthur Thomas

Baal, Clifford Philip

Babon, S

Badier, Andrew William

Badier, Edmund Charles

Badier, George Arthur

Bailey, Allwin Claydon, M.C.

Bailey, Alfred Edward

Bailey, Clarence George

Bailey, C

Bailey, Courtland

Bailey, John Thomas

Bailey, Sydney Charles

Bailey, WM

Bailey, William Walter

Baillie, Arthur William

Baillie, Walter Ernest

Baker, Archibald John

Baker, A

Baker, Clement T

Baker, Clifford George

Baker, George Robert

Baker, Gorton Frederick

Baker, H

Baker, Maurice

Baker, O

Baker, Reginald Stanley

Baker, Stanley Alfred

Baker, Stanley

Ball, Arthur Archer

Balleine, Arthur

Balleine, Austen Humphrey (despatches)

Balleine, Eric James

Balleine, John Alfred

Balleine, Robert Wilfred

Balston, JA

Balston, LA

Balston, Thomas William

Banks, Alfred Charles

Banks, Henry R

Banks, Robert Thomas

Banks, Wm. Henry Louis

Banniel, William Gilles

Bannier, E

Bannier, E

Bannier, F

Bannier, G

Bannier, H

Bannier, O

Bannier, W

Bagnald, Aubrey Harold

Bartbet, William

Barbier, John Edward

Barbier, John Francis

Bardivell, Charles Edward

Bardivell, Samuel

Barette, John

Barette, John Wesley

Barette, Philip Reginald

Barette, Stanley

Barette, Walter

Barette, Winter

Barber, Arthur

Barker, H

Barnard, John Thomas A

Barnard, William Henry

Barnes, Archibald Wilfred

Barnes, Clarence Leonard

Barnes, Edward Chas. Irven

Barnes, Frank Edmund

Barnes, Sydney Charles

Barnes, Thomas George

Barnes, William Ernest, M.M. (1912 Star)

Barnett, George Edward (despatches)

Barnett, John

Barney, Arthur John

Barreau, Arthur Hamptonne

Barrot, John Henry

Barry, John

Barter, George Wilfred

Bartlett, Alfred Leonard

Bartlett, Frederick Matthew

Bartlett, Frederick Waylett

Bartlett, Henry Frank

Bartlett, Herbert George

Bartlett, Reginald Lamb

Barton, Herbert George

Barton, Thomas Henry

Bartram, Robert

Bashford, Reginald Walter

Bassel, PP

Bassett, Ernest James

Bassett, Walter Peter

Bastard, Ernest

Bastin, Edward Charles

Bastin, James Philip

Bataille, George Thomas John

Bataille, James Renault

Bataille, P

Bataille, Philip Adolphe

Batchelor, WS

Bates, Edward

Bates, G

Bates, Henry E (1915 Star)

Bates, J

Bates, John (1915 Star)

Batho, B

Batho, Clifford

Batho, HG

Batho, Reginald Harry

Batho, William King

Baton, Henry John

Baton, John William

Battam, Frank Philip

Battam, Harold MM

Battam, John Michel

Battam, John W

Battrick, Alfred

Battrick, Thomas Elias John

Baucher, John Frank

Baudains, Adolphus John

Baudains, Albert

Baudains, Arthur La Croix

Baudains, Arthur Thomas

Baudains, CE

Baudains, Claud Elias

Baudains, Clement

Baudains, Edward

Baudains, Edward Sydney

Baudains, Elias Thomas

Baudains, F

Baudains, Francis John

Baudains, Frank

Baudains, George Francis

Baudains, George La Croix, MC DSOm 1915

Baudains, John

Baudains, Percy Henry Elias (1914 Star)

Baudains, Philip

Baudains, Philip Francis

Baudains, Philip Melmoth (1915 Star) MSM

Baudains, Reginald Thomas

Baudains, Reginald William (1914-1915 Star)

Baudains, Stanley C (1914 Star)

Baudains, William Aubin

Baudains, William Clarence

Baudet, AT

Baxter, Albert

Baxter, AS

Baxter, George

Bayiet, Albeyect

Beasley, G

Beasley, William

Beasley, Winter Charles

Beauchamp, Charles Francis

Beauchamp, JF, D.S.M.

Beauchamp, Peirson

Beauchamp, Stanley

Beauchamp, Syndey

Beauchamp, William Henry

Beaugie, Clarence

Beazeley, GA, D.S.O

Bechelet, Alfred

Bechelet, Charles

Bechemin, Edward

Beck, A

Beck, Arthur, M.M.

Beck, H

Beck, John de Landais

Beck, Thomas Helier

Beckford, Alfred John

Beckford, Clarence William

Becquet, Francis

Becquet, Joe Thomas

Becquet, Percy

Bedane, Albert Gustave

Beer, Cecil Robert

Beer, Frederick John

Beer, Reginald John

Beghin, Louis Charles (1915 Star)

Beghin, Maurice Lucien, V.O. (1914 Star)

Beghin, Paul Leon

Begley, James Herbert

Begley, JP

Belhomme, Jules Ernest Auguste

Belin, Philip Edward

Bellamy, William Thomas

Bellingham, Alan Beck

Bellot, Wilfred

Beloil, Francis John

Benhard, John Thomas Auguste

Bendall, Albert (1914-1914 Star)

Benest, Cyril John, MC

Benest, Ernest

Benest, Francis Pinel

Benest, George Philip

Benest, Harold

Benest, Harold George, MC

Benest, Philip Labey

Benest, Raymond

Benest, Snowdon

Benest, SG

Benest, William

Benett, Gordon

Benger, Harry James

Benhay, George

Bennett, Alexander Dumaresq (despatches)

Bennett, AE

Bennett, Arthur Henry

Bennett, Edward Contis

Bennett, John Brine

Bennett, Ogilvie David

Bennett, Thomas

Bennett, Thomas, M.M.

Benson, Robert Wakefield

Bentlif, Philip Barnett, OBE

Benyon, Arthur

Berezay, Desire Yves Marie

Berger, George Edward

Berry, Arthur Henry

Berry, Harold Lawrence

Berry, Herbert Stanley (1914 Star)

Berteau, AW

Berteau, RL

Bertram, Alfred Edmund

Bertram, Ernest

Bertram, Ernest Touzel

Bertram, George Winter

Bertram, Wilfred John

Best, William Charles George

Best, William Joseph

Buesnel, Alfred Stanley

Beuzeval, Albert Eugene

Beuzeval, C

Beuzeval, E

Beuzeval, Harold Ernest

Beuzeval, Joseph Alfred

Beuzeval, Thomas H, M.M.

Beuzeval, T

Beuzeval, W

Bevis, Albert John

Bevis, Arthur

Bevis, George

Bevis, John

Biard, Walter Luccan

Bichard, Allister Seth

Biddle, Bertram George

Biddle, WJ

Biddlecombe, George, M.M.

Biddlecombe, PJ

Bienvenu, Victor Francois

Bignell, James Edmund Christopher

Bihel, Arsene

Billie, Theodore Adolphus

Billot, Alfred Ernest

Billot, Elias Renouf

Billot, Francis Renouf

Billot, Frederick

Billot, George Victor

Billot, Horace (1915 Star)

Billot, Joshua William

Billot, William

Billot, Theodore Adolphus

Binet, George John

Binet, Lionel Aubin

Binet, M

Binet, Roy Oliver, MC

Binet, Stanley Thomas

Bird, Charles Brasford

Bird, Edward Brasford

Bird, Walter Loraine

Birkby, John Spearman

Bishop, Edward Roy Lennex

Bishop, George John

Bisson, AB

Bisson, Alfred Francis

Bisson, AJ

Bisson, Charles A

Bisson, Charles

Bisson, Clarence Falle

Bisson, Cyril Joshua

Bisson, Edward John

Bisson, Edward Philip

Bisson, Edwin Sutton

Bisson, ET

Bisson, Eli John

Bisson, Emile Walter George

Bisson, Frank Victor Noble

Bisson, George

Bisson, George Henry

Bisson, George Francis

Bisson, Harold

Bisson, Gelier C (despatches)

Bisson, Herbert Charles

Bisson, Herbert S

Bisson, John

Bisson, John Philip

Bisson, John Philip

Bisson, JR

Bisson, Lawrence Adophus

Bisson, Philip Edward

Bisson, Philip Quenault

Bisson, Reginald Brice de Caen

Bisson, Reginald Frederick

Bisson, Richard

Bisson, SF

Bisson, Walter Francis

Bisson, Walter Henry

Bisson, Walter John

Bisson, William

Bisson, William Joshua

Bitot, Clement John

Brackin, Henry

Brackmore, A;bert

Brackmore, Wilfred

Brackmore, William

Blake, George

Blake, Gordon

Blake, John Stanley

Blake, Jospeph Edward

Blake, Philip Hamon

Blampied, Alfred

Blampied, Arthur Philip

Blampied, Bertram Liot (despatches)

Blampied, Charles Frederick

Blampied, Clement Le Sueur

Blampied, Clifford George

Blampied, E

Blampied, Edmund

Blampied, Edward

Blampied, Edwin George

Blampied, GC (1914 Star)

Blampied, Harold John (despatches)

Blampied, John

Blampied, John

Blampied, Maurice St Helier

Blampied, Reginald Walter

Blampied, Roy Charles

Blampied, Sydney George

Blampied, Thomas Le Quesne

Blampied, Wesley Alfred John

Blampied, Wilfred Charles

Blanchard, Alfred

Blanchard, E

Blanchard, Frederick Albert

Blanchard, John Isidore

Blanchard, William Gee

Blatchford, Arnold

Blandenow, R

Blandin, Peter James

Bliault, Ralph

Bliault, Sylvian John

Bliaux, Charles Thomas Edward

Bliaux, Richard Francis

Blicq, E

Blight, Ceclul Harold

Blight, Leonard Henry

Blindell, Thomas

Blondel, Adolphe Henry Edmund

Blott, Thomas George

Bodecott, AH

Boielle, William Haddon

Boizard, Thomas Josue

Boissel, Edward

Boleat, Charles

Boleat, CEF

Boleat, John D

Boleat, Joseph Peter

Bolton, Albert Henry

Bond, J

Bond, JG

Bonmere, ?

Boober, Reginald Frank

Boots, Philip Charles Aubin

Boreham, James Kavannak

Borny, Joseph

Borney, JT

Borney, TJ

Boschat, F

Boschat, Honore Yves

Boschat, Jean Louis

Boschat, Joseph Marie

Boschat, Hunan

Bott, Charles George

Bott, Ernest Bently

Bouchard, PF

Bouchard, Philip George

Bouchard, Redvers

Bouchere, Alfred

Bouchere, S


Boudier, John Francis

Boudier, William George

Boudin, Francis Albert

Boudin, George Louis

Boudin, P

Bougeard, Emile

Bougeard, Frank A

Bougeard, Jeremie

Bougeard, Rene Albert

Bouillier, John

Bouillier, Stanley Philip

Boulaire, FC

Boulaire, John

Boulanger, Peter

Bouillier, Sydney Herbert

Bouillier, Walter

Bourgeoise, F

Bourke, John Charles

Bourke, Louis John

Bourke, Lyole Martin M.S.M. (despatches)

Bourke, Thomas Patrick

Bouteloup, Edward

Bouteloup, R

Bowden, Arthur Queree

Bowden, J

Bowditch, LW

Bowditch, Walter William (1915 Star)

Bowen, Arthur George

Bowen, George Arthur Francis

Bower, Arthur Le B

Bower, Snowdon

Bowers, Eli

Bowles, Ludlow Tonson, OBE

Boyce, Arthur Edward

Boyce, Arthur

Boyce, R

Bradford, Percy James

Braithwaite, Sir Walter Pipon, C.B., D.S.O. (despaches), L of Hon, Croix de Guerre

Brasford, George Henry

Brassel, EE, M.M.

Brassel, Thomas Patrick John

Brassett, Thomas P

Bray, Wilfred TJ

Bree, Charles Henry

Bree, Clifford Helier, M.M.

Bree, E

Bree, Harold George

Bree, Helier William, M.M. (1915 Star, C de G)

Bree, John Francis

Bree, Maxwell Preston

Bree, Philip George

Bree, Philip John

Bree, Reginald Philip

Bree, Sydney

Bree, Wesley Philip

Bree, William George

Brehaut, Ernest John

Breman, Thomas Archibald

Bretel, Ernest

Bretel, Walter Charles

Breuilly, Arthur Frank

Breuilly, John Noel

Brewer, Edward Charles

Brewer, William Matthew

Bewster, Charles Herbert

Brian, G

Briard, Clarence Maynald

Briard, Edward Luce

Briard, Ernest Felix (1914 Star)

Briard, F

Briard, F

Briard, Herbert Philip

Briard, John

Briard, Lawrance Edward (Albert Medal, 1914 Star, Persian Gulf Medal Humane Society Medal)

Briard, LJ

Briard, Philip John

Briard, PM

Briard, Philip William Clarence

Briard, Stanley John

Bricknell, Edward John

Brideaux, Francis Philip

Brideaux, William

Brideaux, William E

Brideaux, WP, M.S.M.

Bridle, Henry William

Bridle, Percy William

Bridon, Peter Joseph

Brien, Denis Michael

Brimage, William James

Brine, Charles

Brisset, Peter, M.M.

Britt, Herbert

Britton, Alfred William

Britton, Clement Donald

Britton, Jack

Britton, Syndey James Sutton

Brochet, Arthur Frank

Brochet, HG

Brochet, Frank

Brochet, Caesar Auguste

Brockhurst, Cyril Elcomb, M.C.

Brooks, John

Brown, Albert Edward

Brown, Albert Ernest *1914 Star)

Brown, Arthur Charles

Brown, AC

Brown, Alex Aitken James

Brown, AJ

Brown, Charles

Brown, Charles Ward

Brown, Ernest William

Brown, Frederick George

Brown, George Charles

Brown, Reginald

Brown, William Henry

Brown, William Hubert

Browning, Hubert

Browning, William

Bryant, George Reginald

Bryant, Robert

Buard, Auguste

Buckingham, Charles Clarence

Buckingham, Ernest Edward

Buckingham, James William

Buesnel, Albert

Buesnel, Alfred Stanley

Buesnel, CG

Buesnel, Charles George

Buesnel, Charles William

Buesnel, Harold Edward

Buesnel, John James

Buesnel, Philip Francis

Buesnel, Philip Winter

Buesnel, Walter John

Buesnel, William John

Buhts, Herbert William

Bullen, William Baker

Bullock, ?

Bunter, ?

Bunton, John

Burch, ?

Burch, Alfred Charles (1914-1015 Star)

Burch, Alfred Edwin

Burch, Charles Henry

Burch, George Henry

Burch, Philip John

Burch, Robert John

Burger, George Edward

Burgess, Reginald Francis

Burke, E

Burke, William George

Burnam, John Noble

Burney, Sir Cecil, C.G.M.G., K.C.B, O of Leopold

Burney, Percy de Sausmarez (despatches)

Burnham, Frank William

Burnham, Lloyd

Burns, C

Burrard, Walter

Burridge, George Isaac

Burston, Arthur Henry

Burt, AG

Burt, Richard Walter

Burt, Walter Hayman

Burt, William Henry

Burton, Alick Gordon

Burvinut, Auguste Jean Bienaime

Busdy, Goerge Francis Marcel Rene

Butel, Albert

Butel, John

Butel, Jospeh

Butel, Peter Alfred Louis

Butel, Thomas Fred Edmund

Butters, EWG

Butters, John Joseph H

Butters, Walter

Buttery, Albert Richard

Buttery, Charles