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Jersey's Roll of Service: 1914-1919


The roll of service gives the names of the Jerseymen of military age who fought in the First World War.
Along with the name is given Parish, Rank, Ship or Regiment. Sometimes the name is only given as initials, mostly it is a full name. The other details are usually present, but are absent in some instances.
These pages give name only. They are an index to the roll of service, not the full details (Parish, Rank, Regiment).
For lookups on the extra details, e-mail me at with the names required. Parish details will be added later.




Abbott, Harold

Arbraham, Armand Walter Alf.

Arbraham, Francis John

Arbraham, WL

Acourt, Henry Clifford

Acourt, John Francis

Acourt, JG

Acourt, JH

Adams, Emile

Adams, John James

Adams, Percy Lancelot

Adey, Edwin

Agnes, HE

Agnes, Theodore Goel

Ahearn, Daniel Arthur Frs.

Ahearn, William Charles

Ahier, Albert

Ahier, Charles Frederick

Ahier, Charles James

Ahier, Charles Thomas

Ahier, Clarence George

Ahier, Clarence Percy

Ahier, Clement Francis

Ahier, Edward John Walter

Ahier, Ernest Philip

Ahier, Frederick Thomas

Ahier, HG

Ahier, John

Ahier, Norman Godray

Ahier, Percy John

Ahier, Philip

Ahier, Philip Ernest

Ahier, Sydney William

Ahier, Thomas Charles

Ahier, Walter

Ahier, Wesley Cabot

Ahier, Wilfred John

Ahier, William Charles

Ahier, Winter Charles

Aimee, Clement Auguste

Albert, Lancelot

Albert, Lancelot Geo. Arthur

Albert, R

Alexandre, Alfred Charles

Alexandre, Auguste

Alexandre, Edmund

Alexandre, Ernest

Alexandre, Ernest John

Alexandre, George

Alexandre, GM

Alexandre, Harold Charles

Alexandre, Hedley

Alexandre, James Philip, DCM

Alexandre, John James

Alexandre, Philip

Alexandre, Philip Francis

Allaine, Jean

Allaine, Albert Jack

Allborn, Charles John

Allchin, Charles Fredk.

Allen, Clarence

Allen, George

Allen, George Edward

Allen, J

Allen, James CG

Allen, James George

Allez, Walter James

Allix, Albert Edward

Allix, George Thomas

Allix, Henry Clarence (Mons Star)

Allix, Henry du Heaume (despatches)

Allix, Philip Geo. Alfred

Allix, Philip Henry

Allo, Jean Francois

Allo, Jean Francis

Alluto, Edward Paul

Amiot, Harold Mark Carlisle

Amiot, P

Amourette, Auguste Francois

Amy, Alfred Philip

Amy, Archibald Craig

Amy, A.G.

Amy, Cecil Robert

Amy, Charles Lane

Amy, Charles Le Gros

Amy, Charles Stanley

Amy, Donald James

Amy, Edward Charles, M.M.

Amy, F

Amy, Francis Philip

Amy, Francis William

Amy, Frank

Amy, George Philip

Amy, Henry E

Amy, Herbert Thomas, M.C. (1915 Star)

Amy, Jack

Amy, John Thomas

Amy, Philip

Amy, Philip Alfred

Amy, Philip George

Amy, Philip John

Amy, Philip Winter

Amy, Thomas

Amy, Thomas John

Amy, Thomas R

Amy, Thomas Walter

Amy, Walter William

Amy, Wesley Charles

Amy, William Alfred

Amy, William Charles

Amy, William John

Ando, E

Ando, J

Andow, F

Andre, Edwin Richard Emile

Andrews, Alcide Vernon

Andrews, Charles Alcide

Andrews, Charles Clifford

Andrews, Clifford

Andrews, Edgar

Andrews, Ernest

Andrews, Horace

Andrews, John

Andrews, W

Ange, Emile

Anido, Albert John

Anley, HJ

Anley, John Louis

Anley, Philip William

Anquetil, Albert J

Anquetil, Edmund

Anquetil, Edmund

Anstee, Lawrence William

Anthoine, Leslie Thomas

Anthony, Bernard de Quetteville

Anthony, Harold Hero

Anthony, Wilfred Mark

Arhel, Jules Marie

Ardargh, PMJA

Armstrong, Tancred de Carteret

Armstrong, William George

Arnold, Charles Edward

Arnold, Harry

Arnold, HA

Arnold, William Henry

Arrowsmith, Christopher John

Arrowsmith, F

Arthur, Charles Edward

Arthur, Charles Elias

Arthur, Elwyn Le Cain

Arthur, Herbert Francis

Arthur, John Bree

Arthur, John William

Arthur, Philip Nicolas, M.M.

Arthur, Walter

Arthur, Walter Laurens

Ashelford, Enrest Wilfred

Ashman, William George

Asplet, Arthur George

Asplet, George Raymond

Asplet, Sydney J.

Astridge, Lenard Parks

Atkins, Arthur Edward

Atkins, Robert Maxwell

Atkinson, John Clayton

Attwood, William Alfred

Aubert, Charles Francis

Aubert, Cyril Bernard

Aubert, George

Aubert, J

Aubert, John

Aubert, John Ernest

Aubert, Jules Alexandre Alfred

Aubert, W

Aubin, Edward Rudolph

Aubin, Emile Dupont

Aubin, William George

Audoin, Leon Gabriel Joseph

Audrain, Albert George

Audrain, Edward

Audrain, Emile Alexander (1914 Star)

Audrain, Ernest Peter

Audrain, Francis James

Audrain, James Francis

Audrain, Louis PR

Audrain, Peter Hendy Adolphus

Audrain, Peter Marie

Audrain, Pierre Andre

Auffray, Francois

Auffray, Francis Marie

Auffray, Leon

Averty, Robert Alfred

Averty, Henry William Reginald