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This section last updated 03.06.2003

The German Occupation and Liberation Day

These pages all relate to the German Occupation of the Channel Islands, and Liberation Day.

If you have any memories of the Occupation that you would care to share, please e-mail them to

What was the "Occupation" and why is "Liberation Day" celebrated in the Channel Islands?

Liberation Day Memories by Ann Schreer (nee Shepard)

An Occupation Memory by Olive Le Sauteur

An Account by the Reverend S.E. Beaugie - Guernsey

An Account by the Reverend J.W.J. Scott - Jersey

"The German Occupation" from "Introducing the Channel Islands" by Henry Myhill (1964)

Source and Form Critical aspects of the German Occupation of Jersey by A.M. Bellows (2003)

Offsite Links:

Chocolate, Lipstick and Silk Stockings: A Look at the Lenient Treatment of Women Who Slept with the Enemy in WWII

 Frederick Cohen's site of Texts relevant to the German Occupation of the Channel Islands with particular reference to Holocaust Memorial Day

Tony Le Sauteur's page " Jersey under the Swastika", with details of the Le Sauteur family memories

Guernsey CI Occupation Society

Brian Ahier's page on the The German Occupation of the Channel Islands, 1940-1945

also see his personal "Jersey Schoolboy memoir"

Edward Clarke's page on the Occupation

Jersey Heritage Faces of the Occupation