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Les Fieillets Jèrriais

Dézembre 2004


Salutâtions tout l'monde. Ch'est la saîson d'la bouonté – et d'la boutiqu'sie!

Thank you very much to those who tried to meet at November's meeting, nothing was lost. Geraint and Roger Long discussed the presentation of botanical nomenclature in the Vocabulaithe and it is to be scrutinised by professionals.

It is strongly requested that everyone notes that there is still time for additional words or definitions but please send in ALL major comments and suggestions by our forthcoming meeting; minor corrections, amendments and comments can still be submitted until Christmas, the absolute and final cut off date. Please tell us now; phone the Office and leave your number for me to contact you, or phone me directly about any missing words, already attested words, or any inadequate definitions. Anyone who has had a draft during the year, please get your comments in now. Anyone wanting a draft of special words eg. neologisms, nautical vocab. or adjectives, just ask, there is still time, although short, to check on these.

We have received a list of suggested topics for JEP articles next year which will be circulated after our imminent Congrès meeting for those wanting to have a go at composition any anecdotes, and a candidate for a Crapaud d'Or this year could be the new Checkers' store at Les Rouoges Maîsons for prominently displaying Séyiz les Beinv'nues and À la Préchaine.

Finally, the Eisteddfod! When several of us had returned from overlapping holidays we managed to arrange a practice of this year's longer piece – Changement d'habits, changement d'opinions by Élie, with Geraint our “conducteu” despite him being nearly voiceless. He then had to withdraw from everything because things got worse which left our group in two minds about performing undirected, not wishing to risk letting the Section or themselves down. We had a short 'decider' practice in the evening's interval and agreed to go on stage. For us it was 'lé cliou d'la séthée' – our star turn! “Tchi d'livrance – what a relief.” We succeeded in getting a Gold Certificate, better than last year. Furthermore, we would like to express our grateful thanks to Ron Smith for supporting us because he also had so much other performing work with La Classe Avanchie (Les P'tits Crapauds) who performed a very amusing play.

The rest of the evening was very enjoyable with high standards of performance from everyone, especially the pupil winners from earlier in the day. Audience numbers were down but it was a dark, cool, wet and windy Saturday night, not conducive to leaving a warm hearth! Was this the reason?

Le Don Balleine/L'Office du Jèrriais has included a tear-off reply slip below for subscriptions to receive four copies per year of Les Nouvelles Chroniques, a publication full of stories, poems, articles and games/competitions, all in Jèrriais. Your support would be most welcome.

Carol singing will take place on Thursday evening, 2nd Dec. outside BHS at 6.30pm for about 30 mins. and also on Thurs. 16th Dec. outside M&S at 6.30pm instead of the concert this year. Lé Sèrvice Annuel will take place at l'Églyise dé St. André at 7.30pm to be followed by Lé Grand Souper comme (d')habitude.

Our next meeting will definitely be on Wednesday, 1st. Dec. at 8.00pm in the Arthur Mourant Room at La Société for carol practice, mince pies and any other business.

Ralph Nichols, Ségrétaithe


La Section de la langue Jèrriaise
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