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Octobre 2000


Salutâtions tout l'monde. Thank you again to those who came to last month's meeting. After reading practice and translation of an amusing poem, we discussed variations in spelling and how difficult it can be sometimes to know what is correct. Collette and Geraint made it more interesting by providing tapes and discs of songs and a story booklet of Norman and Dgèrnésiais respectively, which gave us an excellent atmosphere and some food for thought.

October 14th was an auspicious day again and this time the re-enactment of the Battle was the biggest yet, with nearly 1,500 combatants from England and mainland Europe faithfully following the manoeuvres and fighting hard as infantry, archers and cavalry. We were lucky to find a group of Normans among the mercenaries beforehand; they regarded Jersey as part of Normandy and were pleased to speak with us in French and Norman/Jèrriais.

At home, it was hopeful to see that "ethnic" questions are going to be asked in the census as we have had several communications with the Census Office to request and support the inclusion of questions about languages, especially our own!

It is also pleasing to inform you that the publication of the First Edition (a collectors' item?) of Les Preunmié Mille Mots is imminent.

It is good to see as well that Hamptonne is keeping the language in the public eye by advertising its cider making this year as La faîs'sie d'cidre at the end of the month.

The Eisteddfod takes place again next month and the Jèrriais evenings are on Monday and Tuesday, 20th and 21st November, at La Salle Publique, St Martin, starting at 7 pm to accommodate the larger junior competition this year. Come along and support us if you can.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday next, 1st November, at 8.00 pm in the Members' Room of La Société at Pier Road, for some vigorous reading and translation of poems and articles of prose from newspapers!

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J. LeB. Nichols
R. Nichols


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