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Les Fieillets Jèrriais

Septembre 2001


Salutâtions tout l'monde, ch'est lé mais d'vacances acouo! We had a very interesting meeting in early July, which involved us selecting some pieces for translation and inclusion in the anthology, reading through a poem selected for the Eisteddfod and a preview of Vol. 3 of Lé Neu C'mîn. The last was fascinating and delightful in its breadth of language/vocabulary examples, its exercises and its variety of contexts, all in superb design and technicolour; it will be well worth buying.

We also read through copies of the French Presse de la Manche newspaper reports of the Fête des Rouaisouns in Coutances, which gave full descriptions of the Islands' participation complete with several photographs of the performers and information on teaching the language in the different areas.

We also said farewell and good luck to Lee Manning who has left to teach French in the Isle of Man - and to start learning Manx! He was a great help to us, sharing his knowledge of French and his sharp analysis and assessment of various teaching methods which, together with his willingness to participate in conferences and festivals and to join in our Eisteddfod competitions, will make him greatly missed. He wishes us continued good luck.

The Eisteddfod dates are Monday and Tuesday, 26th & 27th November and the venue is La Haute Vallée School at the top of Queen's Road. We have chosen the accompanying piece for our student entry this year, so if you feel like some practice speaking Jèrriais, come along and join in.

Vigilance is still needed to report missing accents and bad spelling, for example accents are missed off place names in a new Jersey 2002 calendar now on sale; accents are missed off and of the wrong type in a new, town restaurant menu , and Ouaisné is spelled with Q in a new glossy advertisement by an estate agent in a Jersey colour magazine. When queried, the printer was named as culprit!

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, Sept. 5th. at 8.00pm. in the annexes to the Arthur Mourant Room where we can use the computers and/or the refreshment area.

We will continue with language practice, translation of some anthology pieces and any neologisms, and for those willing, practice the Eisteddfod recitation.


À la préchaine


J. LeB. Nichols (La Présidente)




Toute not' fanmille s'assied à tablye
Et j'bouffons touos nos r'pas!
Mais, man grand fréthe - il êpinnoque -

Not' méthe ou dit qu'oulle est à but
D'prépather des fricots -
I' r'lève lé nez quand ou li donne
Des fliottes ou bein des bourdelos -

D'la soupe d'andgulle, des crabes grégeaises,
Du maq'sé ou du m'lon
'N'y a pas moyen dé l'faithe mangi
Car i 'dit tréjous "Non" -

I' mang'gea bein du lard au fou,
Des patates, des pais ronds;
J'sommes pas ravis qué not' grand fréthe
Est maigre comme un chent d'cliou -

Achteu qué l'gas a vingt-tchieune ans,
M'mée s'est minse à trouver
Eune campagnarde, bêtasse assez
D'l'aimer et dé l'mathier,
Car j'en sommes tous sept fais enn'yés -
D' l'hainitcheux!




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