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Les Fieillets Jèrriais

Juîn 1999


Salutâtions. Dêjà, ch'est lé siêxième mais! Our sincere thanks are given to Joyce and Brian Gilbert for their hospitality this month. Several of us braved the windy weather, and although we didn't go for a ride because of the high wind gusts, we had an excellent guided tour and exposition of the various carts, vans and cabs, plus their parts and equipment, en Jèrriais - a whole new vocabulary included for your comments.

This was followed by tea and buns, during which Myriam Rascouailles was able to expand on her questionnaire. She is studying Jèrriais for a Social Linguistics dissertation as part of a degree at the University of Trondheim and she is here for the month, asking questions and recording answers as much as possible.

Regarding the possibility of "research" topics for section members, two suggestions to date are as follows:

If members already have projects and the Committee can create time during which they can pursue them and maybe provide help, please let us know and we will do so.

Tony Scott-Warren reports that he has created an address on the Internet as follows which includes learning exercises via games etc. and that teaching Jèrriais at Grouville Primary School is progressing well.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 7th July, 8.00pm at the Société Jersiaise Office for an evening of Jèrriais and fun on the Internet. Come and learn how to find so many different things in our language, and how to print them out for publishing.

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