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Les Fieillets Jèrriais

Avri 2001


Salutâtions tout lé monde. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the inauguration of our anthology project last month. Initially, we looked at a selection of other language anthologies to review their presentation formats and then discussed their merits. We eventually proposed one that included a short introduction about the selected piece and a translation alongside the Jèrriais text. Publication in small volumes was suggested allowing for further selections and volumes. Those present had a wide selection of material ranging from prose, poetry and dialogue to advertisements. We each read out our selection and then discussed its qualities; an initial list is being compiled and each meeting members can suggest other pieces they have found. Anyone unable to attend is very welcome to send a copy or the title and author to us at the office, 7 Pier Rd. St. Helier.

Elsewhere, it was disappointing to see the relative lack of Jèrriais on the Telecoms display of phone cards, other than the variously written Temps Passé, despite our long correspondence and their encouraging replies. However, the wonderful Millennium Mosaic included Jèrriais and our thanks go to Wayne Audrain who must have been fed up with our pestering him, for including Nouot' Héthitage, very clearly displayed. Thank you too to all those members who suggested a variety of designs and words.

The second volume of Lé Neu C'mîn is now available and is an excellent book of phrases for we beginners; beautifully designed and colourful. All enquiries to Tony Scott Warren at Highlands or to us at La Société and we will forward them. Remember too that the other Don Balleine resources are also available through us.

Our next meeting will be on Wed. 4th. April, 8.00pm. in the Arthur Mourant Room at 7 Pier Rd. when we will continue with the fun learning exercises, the anthology and a presentation at the Food Fayre in May.

A la préchaine

J. Le B. Nichols (Présidente)



Notre Vier Lingo


Vrais Jêrriais nès, et Normands d'race,
Oublliérait-nou la langue d'Wace,
Le vier lingo, tuos les buons d'vis,
Que nou-s-aimait au temps jadis.

Au coin de s'n-âtre et d'sa cônière,
Nou n'cherche pon dutout à nière;
Et qu'est qu'i puorrait enhanner
D'nos ouir chanter et badiner.

Si nou peut séquir une lerme,
A quique peine mettre un terme,
J'ter des suôrits par chin par là,
Par ses chansons - y-a-t-i grand ma?

La ruogeur quique feis m'en monte,
Quand j'vei des Jerriais aveir honte
De leux jergon, et d'leux pays;
Quand j'vei d'itè, j'en sis payi.

Jêrry! Jêrry! bénin coin d'terre,
Dans men biau p'tit vallon d'St.-Pierre,
Ten vier lingo je chanterai,
Tant que j'puorrai, tant que j'vivrai.

A. A. L. G.



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