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An Occupation Memory by Olive Le Sauteur

The Lutheran Minister for the German Forces, rather a loud mouthed bullying type, ordered the Rector, John Valpy, to cancel our Sunday service so that he could have his Church Parade. Mr Valpy was threatened - a nasty business in those days) but stood firmly and said that Sunday morning service had been held in Grouville Church for a thousand years, and he would not cancel what was the right of the Parishioners. A brave, dignified gentleman The Minister pestered the Rector, but he stood firm (in his mind the threat of deportation), and THE GERMANS HAB TO WAIT UNTIL WE HAD HAD OUR MATINS AT 11 O'CLOCK. I remember the German soldiers, some looking sheepish, outside the Church. No more was heard of Lutheran Services at 11 o'clock on Sunday mornings. Good for the Rev. John Valpy, a courageous and upright man