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The aim of this site is to provide useful family tree information, and local resources available on-site to the historian and genealogist.

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"Jersey Wonders" - The Book

Family Tree Information


Angela, my ex-wife, is related to the Falla, Corbin, Le Prevost and Mahy families in Guernsey,

Kemp and Dunning families in England

Tony to the Shepard, Le Marquand and Le Cornu families in Jersey,

Bellows and Farley family in England

For index of names, Click Here or use the Search Engine below.

Very Important Note: no details apart from names are given for living individuals.

If you are related, and want further information, your should contact us at

Surnames: Falla 18%, Le Prevost 11%, Corbin 7%, Le Marquand 6%, Dunning 3%

1901 Census information collated on families mentioned

Other Information related to the Family Tree:

 A Jersey Family Album

The House where Gide stayed

Guernsey Press cutting on Rosetta Falla, Click here

Occupation ID Card for Stephen John Falla, Click here

Rex Falla and the Bolton connection (including the De Havilland factory), click here

JEP Obituary of H.G. Shepard

Information about St Peter in the Wood Telephone exchange and the Falla family

Jean Falla and the Witches

Nicholas Falla (Constables and Douzaines, St Saviour, 1928)

DUNNING family members in Guernsey - List and Photo

Obituary Notice: Anthony Falla 

Other Falla Links

Victoria College


Victoria College Register Index 1852-1929 and 1930-1956

A short history by E.C. Cooper from 1852-1928

College Activities 1852-1928.

A short history by J.S. Rowley 1929-1956

A short history by A.M. Bellows 1972-1979

A short history by A.M. Bellows 1980-1989

 A personal memoir of education 1960s-1970s

Old Victorians Remember - a collection of reminiscences

Diary Transcripts from Kurt Ludwigs, German Assistant at Victoria College 1977-1978


Historical resources

 Witchcraft in the Islands (updated 2005)

The Image at Hougue Bie: Catholic Deceit or Protestant Propaganda (new 2005)

"A Popular History of Jersey" (1896)

Jersey: An Isle of Romance by Blanche B. Elliott

Extracts from "Elizabeth Castle" by Major NVL Rybot

Extracts from old Guide Books to the Channel Islands

A Short Chronology of Guernsey

Names of early Methodists in the Channel Islands

Guernsey Churches section

Grouville Church section

St Helier section

St Aubin

St Brelade's Church and Fisherman's Chapel

La Cotte de St Brelade

Some Jersey Words and Phrases by G.R. Balleine

Some Jersey Surnames: Their Origin and Meaning

 Other local history resources

Information on Jersey Cattle by H.G. Shepard (Tony's grandfather)

The Late Edward Denison, M.P. on The Channel Islands (1869)

Index of names in Jersey's Roll of Service 1914-1919

The German Occupation and Liberation Day

Extracts from the Channel Island Mensa magazine from the 1980s

Historical Fragments on Special Needs Education in Jersey

After the war: Essays on Jersey History: 1946-2002

Jerriais - Linguistic Aspects

Form Criticism and Jersey Folklore

Brief Jersey History Background Notes

Wayne Le Cuirot's History Pages - *NEW*

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The genealogy information on this web-site would not have been possible without the generous help of the following:

Angela's third cousin, once removed: Gill Morris (general expert on Corbin family line)

Angela's fifth cousin: Elizabeth Greef (general expert on Le Prevost family) - see also her pages at

Angela's 4th cousin's husband, Brian De Jersey (general expert on Mahy family)

John M. Falla in America - (general expert on Falla and Guernsey families).

The historical information on this web site regarding St Aubin's Church and St Brelade's School would not have been possible without the generous help and encouragement of Rosemary Hampton.



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