Datestones at Les Noyers,

Jersey Zoo, Trinity

Les Noyers © Alex Glendinning

Courtesy of Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust

911. N.DF E.S.LR 1852. The large lintel over the door to the central house; Nicolas du Feu and Elizabeth Sophie Le Riche - contributed by Jenny Morrish.
912. N.DF M.R.PC 1899. Lintel over the door to the right hand side wing; Nicolas du Feu and Marguerite Picot - contributed by Jenny Morrish.
913. The original submission from Jenny Morrish read: "NDF 1754 VLR. An earlier Nicolas du Feu - I am not aware of a 'VLR' in the family. As the stone is fairly weathered it is possible that the second set of initials actually reads 'MLR' - a Nicolas du Feu married Marie Le Riche (T) 26.11.1718". So far, I have not been able to locate this stone.
1163. N.DF A.LR 1870. Lintel over the door to the left hand side wing; Nicolas Du Feu and Anne (?) Le Riche.
1164. NDF EHC. 1796. Nicolas Du Feu and Elizabeth Hocquard - son Nicolas bap. (T) 1816 - m. Elizabeth Sophia Le Riche (see 911). Old lintel incorporated in the wall of the right hand side wing - identification by Pam Hislop.

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