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St Aubin

This page will deal with the life and times of St Aubin of Angers, and sundry other historical matters relating to St Aubin.
St Aubin (also known as Albinus) was Bishop of Angers, and gave his name to the district of St. Aubin in Jersey.

Last updated: 19 October 2001

Information and Guidebook about the Anglican Church, St Aubin-On-The Hill.

"A Jersey Nativity Play" performed at St Aubin on the Hill, 1985

A Harvest Play performed at St Aubin on the Hill, 1986.

St Brelade's School, Mont Les Vaux, St Aubin.

A brief history, by Rosemary Hampton

St Aubin - Bishop of Angers

A short account of his life, by Rosemary Hampton.

Information about Angers by Tony Bellows

THE LIFE OF ST AUBIN by Venantius Fortunatus

A translation by the Reverend John Dodd

Author's Prologue (by Venantius Fortunatus)

Chapter 1: Aubin the monk (later the abbot) renowned for his miracles

Chapter 2 Aubin is honoured by King Childebert and by many miracles through God's grace.

Chapter 3: More miracles of St Aubin - his death and his translation

Notes on the Text

THE MIRACLES OF ST AUBIN by Nicholas Belfort

A translation by the Reverend John Dodd

Chapter 1 Madmen are healed at St Aubin's Tomb - Sacred Healing of Fever

Chapter II The remarkable case of the paralysis of a certain pious man who after seven years was healed at St Aubin's tomb.

Chapter III Victory over the enemy by the good offices of Saint Aubin - the habit of swearing is rebuked.


by the Reverend John Dodd

Chapter I: The Age of St Aubin - his birth and monastic life

Chapter II The Miracles of St Aubin and his Translation