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Lé P'tit Êté - Indian Summer

If Vivaldi had done his composing en Jèrri (in Jersey) instead of à V'nise (in Venice), his most famous work would have been called Les Quat' Saîsons (the Four Seasons).

One of the miyeu (best) times of the year is lé p'tit Êté (the little Summer) which is the Jèrriais equivalent of Indian Summer. Lé solé nos caûffe (the sun warms us) for eune dreine fais (a last time) before the arrival of lé S'tembre (Autumn). This shouldn't be confused with Septembre (September), and definitely shouldn't be mixed up with les s'tembres (the ague) which nos grands-pathents (grandparents) used to complain of at this time of year.

L'Hivé (Winter) has many attractions, not least la Fête dé Noué (the Christmas festival) and once we are into la Nouvelle Année (the New Year), we can start to look forward to l'Èrnouvé (Spring). Au R'nouvé (in Spring) everything is èrnouv'lé (renewed), and that is how the season gets its name. An old diton tells us - au R'nouvé tout est bé (in Spring everything is lovely), but many people prefer l'Êté (Summer) with les vacanches (holidays), la grève (the beach) et l'bieau temps (and fine weather).

But with la caûff'thie globale (global warming), will we end up with lé grand Êté (big Summer) instead of lé p'tit Êté?



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