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Confortabliément assis – Sitting comfortably

Êt'-ous confortabliément assis (are you sitting comfortably)? Then we'll c'menchi (begin). If you're d'but (standing) or apitchi (standing up straight), you'd better find eune tchaîse (a chair) and then you'll be assis (seated), but à l'églyise (in church) you might be agenouoilli (kneeling). À l'office (in the office) you might be accouté (leaning on your elbows) at your êcritouaithe (desk) or perhaps aransé (leaning) by la machinne à café (the coffee machine).

If your travas is more active, you might be acclioutchi (crouching), or accroupi (crouching), but let's espéther (hope) that you're not accrampi (bent over with cramp)!

After eune longue journée (a long day) au travas (at work), you might be allouongni or êtalé (stretched out). Or perhaps you've got a favourite corner where you like to be accoineté (huddled in a corner) or acatonné (curled up in a corner like a cat). A dog-lover will probably prefer to be acannichoté (huddled up like a dog). But if you're huddled in a heap, you'll more likely be alopinné.

If you're à travailli (working) dans l'gardîn (in the garden) or dans les clios (in the fields) and you've got eune frouque (a fork), you might take a break from la frouqu'thie (digging with a fork) and rest on your frouque, and in that case you'll be affroutchi (leaning on a fork). Affroutchi also has another meaning: standing legs akimbo.

Staying with les gambes (legs) and les frouques, if you're astride something, you're enfroutchi or alternatively à califourchons, and if you're à tchêne froutchi (literally, like a forked oak) you'll be flat on your back with your legs in the air.

If you're carrying un mousse (a child) piggy-back or on your shoulders, they'll be à haute dgèrre, but mêfi'-ous (watch out)! You don't want to trébutchi (trip) and end up à pliate mague (flat on your face) or à pliat tchu (flat on your behind). There's no Jèrriais version of the Kama Sutra yet, but j'avons un fièr fliotchet d'mots (we've got a whole load of words) for different positions!

Geraint Jennings


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