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Les Fieillets Jèrriais

Dézembre 1998

What a fine service of nine lessons and carols. As usual the atmosphere was excellent; the readings were beautifully and clearly delivered which helped beginners like myself, and the carols were sung by everybody in good voice under the dynamic leadership of the organist and the conductor.

The traditional supper was also excellent and so enjoyable because everyone was made so welcome. It was a good time to practice phrases en Jèrriais if one couldn’t speak complete sentences continuously. We are truly indebted to the organisers and helpers from the Assembliée and Les Êtudgiants for creating that special ambience.

Thank you again to those who could make the practice at Le Hocq; it is always useful to hear a correct pronunciation of the words. Although a keyboard and cassette were available, those present chose the discipline of unaccompanied singing.

We have received several letters concerning:-

We have finally succeeded in finding a cheaper supplier of a good quality umbrella, and our unique "Jersey Umbrella" (red and white panels with gold seal and words, printed not transferred, en Jèrriais, French and English) is now on sale at the Société office at £15.00.

Our congratulations go to Tony Scott-Warren on his appointment as Co-ordinator/Administrator of the Primary School Jèrriais programme, with much good luck and support from us for the future.

Sincere thanks are extended to everyone who has supported and helped us again this year. We have had many interesting meetings, made so by the contributions and efforts of those who could attend, despite so many other commitments. My apologies for the mistakes in the Autumn newsletter due to haste on my part.

In January, our Annual Meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 6th 1999, in the Members’ Room of the Société, Pier Road at 8.00 p.m., to receive the Committee Reports, elect officers and to discuss and finalise a proposed 1999 programme of events and projects; one of which will be for me to write and speak more Jèrriais!

Dé 1938 -

À touos nos Membres et nos Anmins
J’offrons les voeux d’not’e Sociêté
Une Bouonne Année, franche dé chagrins
Et dé toutes formes d’anxiêté.



La Section de la langue Jèrriaise
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