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Les Fieillets Jèrriais

Dézembre 2009


Salutâtions tout l'monde, Papa Noué s'prépathe pouor ses viages! Unfortunately, last month's meeting was cancelled due to illness, absence and the weather, but we are all sound in wind and limb now!
Since then, we have only done a little bit of reading and practiced our poetry reading for the Eisteddfod this Friday and Saturday. In addition, the Anglo-Irish Conference came and went with some reportage on the value (and expense) of dual name road signs. Other publicity was good for us and the Chief Officer is on record as speaking Jèrriais.
La Fête d'Noué was held last week and La Chant'tie d' Cantiques en Jèrriais, en Ville, à 6.30 du sé outside M & S on Thursday evening, 3rd. Déz. went well. And a week later, Lé Sèrvice Annuel took place at St. Andrew's Church, followed at 6.30pm by the supper.
Our last meeting for the year took place on Wed. 2nd Déz. at 8.00pm in the AM room at La Société when we practiced some carols and exchanged ideas about composing a piece using dgiex mots totally unrelated to one another for Les Nouvelles Chroniques in the New Year and sorted out the attack on the Literature project for 2010.
Nos miyeu souhaits pouor un Joyeu Noué et eune raide Bouonne Année en 2010.
The next meeting will be in the A. M. Room on Wed. 6th Jan. at 8.00pm to start afresh!!

John Clarke (Président)

Ralph Nichols (Ségrétaithe)


La Section de la langue Jèrriaise
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