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Les Fieillets Jèrriais

Dézembre 2003


Salutâtions tout l'monde, ch'est presqu' lé c'menchement des Fêtes dé Noué. Thank you to all those who were at last month's meeting and who acted as a captive audience for la pièche d'thiâtre d'La Classe Avanchie.

Félicitâtions et èrmèrcîments to all those who “strode la strade” à l'êcole d'La Haute Vallée during the Eisteddfod and gained a Silver Certificate with 85 marks, just one less than La Classe Avanchie, for our reading of the amusing D'la Viande dé Gh'va! by Élie.

In the weeks to Christmas there are a number of events arranged for our enjoyment during Les Fêtes dé Noué. The dates and times are as follows.

The first is La Chant'tie des Cantiques dé Noué – carol singing on Thursday, Dec. 4th next at 6.30pm by the apple crusher outside Marks and Spencer with the students and pupils; the collection will go to a local charity.

The second is on Saturday, 6
th Dec. at 7.30pm, and is Lé Sèrvice Annuel d'L'Assembliée d'Jèrriais at St. Andrew's Church when the nine lessons and carols will all be en Jèrriais. This will be followed by the annual supper which is sometimes a tri-lingual occasion and always very enjoyable.

The third is something extra, arranged by L'Assembliée and L'Office du Jèrriais. It is Un Concèrt dé Noué at La Salle Publique, St. Martin on Friday, Dec. 12
th at 7.00pm. The concert atmosphere will be informal and performances will consist of songs, poems, prose readings and recitations, personal compositions of course, with a Christmas theme, en Jèrriais. Section members are encouraged to attend and contribute to the enjoyment with whatever rendition they can offer. Some audience participation in carol singing may also occur. Refreshments will be available. It will be good language practice if you can attend as many of these events as possible.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday, 3
rd Dec. at 8.00pm in the Arthur Mourant Room for some carol practice and mince pies etc.

The first diary date for 2004 is Wed. 7
th January at 8.00pm in the Members' or Arthur Mourant Room at La Société
for proposals for next year's program and (s)election of any Officers. Any suggestions for projects and officers can be submitted as soon as you wish.

Ch'est not' plliaisi qu'ous ayiz
Un bouan Noué et unne annaie prospèthe.
(A greeting from 1932, SJ)

À la préchaine, John Clarke (Président)
Ralph Nichols (Ségrétaithe)


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