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Les Fieillets Jèrriais

Dézembre 2001



It's the last issue of Les Fieillets for this year and the Eisteddfod has come and gone. Salutâtions et mèrcie chent mille fais to all those who learnt more verses this year and had the courage to stand up in front of our sternest critics. It is always very nerve wracking but “Les Mangnifiques Sept”with Geraint as our conductor, recited a poem from memory entitled L'Hainitcheux by Joan Tapley, about a fussy eater, and succeeded in gaining 86 marks, only two less than the advanced class! Congratulations to everyone and thank you for giving up extra time both in and outside our meetings.

Continuing the vigilance needed because we all make mistakes, an amusing road sign was reported by Djonnyi Lé Mouosse, from Ste. Marie, namely, LE CLOS LARSENAL! Another is Grand Marche (reminiscent of Lande du Marche) used as a title but correctly with an accent in the text. We should congratulate the Cooperative Society for using French in their Locale and Grand Marché stores but it would be a step further forward if we could get all the poster and title editors and proof - readers to check that accents (and the article) are used throughout their titles and texts. For example, and we are not trying to be destructive, check the Eisteddfod programme for the accent missing (and the article!) from Haute Vallee venue headings and the spelling of “casets” and the spelling/accent of “Jèrsiase” in the advertisement for Ursula's Lettres Jèrriaises, obviously printer's errors. Is continual publicity necessary to the effect that all editors and proof- readers can get help, free of charge, from La Société and L'Office du Jèrriais as has been given by us to La Pomme d'Or and by Tony and Geraint to Checkers in their initiatives.

Concerning the spoken word, Ursula Taylor has produced the second of her eloquently recorded Lettres Jèrriaises entitled “Occou d'autres Lettres Jèrriaises” and the enclosed shows the content and purchase details of both recordings which are available from La Société's bookshop.

There is a good week ahead for Jèrriais together with the discipline of singing. On Sunday, 2nd Dec. at 3.00pm there is a choir practice for L'Assembliée d'Jèrriais at St. Andrew's Church for their Annual Service.

Our next meeting is on Wed. 5th Dec. at 8.00pm in the Arthur Mourant Room at La Société for a carol practice with music, and all our Christmas greetings en Jèrriais with appropriate refreshments!

On Thurs. 6th Dec. at 6.15pm we can participate in La Chant'tie d'Cantiques dé Noué at the top end of King Street as we have done for the last couple of years.

On Sat.8th Dec at 7.30pm is Lé Sèrvice Annuel à l'Églyise dé St. André followed by Lé Grand Souper auve Papa Noué, p't être sa fêtelle et des presents. To prepare for Christmas linguistically, a selection of the many greetings used on La Société Christmas cards, temps passé is enclosed for your possible use.

Et enfîn, a meeting on Wed. 2nd January 2002 to receive the Annual Report for the Bulletin, the election of Officers and suggestions for next year is possibly too close to New Year's Day for some people for a variety of reasons. Options can be discussed at December's meeting next week. However, nominations for Officers should be addressed to the secretary and received at La Société's office by Friday 21st December 2001.

Thank you to everyone for your support this year inside and outside our meetings-

Et piêsse l'av'nin
Lé Nouvel An
Pour vous cont'nin
Tout ch' qu'i-y-a d'bouan.

A la préchaine , Jayne Le B. Nichols(Présidente)



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