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Novembre 2006

Salutâtions tout l'monde; i'fait bé acouo et auvec les hautes tempéthatuthes les flieurs continnuent à flieuthi! Thank you to those who attended last month's meeting; we submitted copies of the Anthology to Roger Long and to M-L Backhurst of the Publications Committee to review and we await their decision. We then concentrated on rehearsing our recitation for Les Séthées Jèrriaises at the Eisteddfod on the Friday and Saturday of November 24th and 25th.
This month's news is as follows;
Copies of an Anthology of Dgèrnésiais Literature just published are available from L'Office du Jèrriais; orders by phone to 608609 please.
The publication of 'Bouôn Noué', an anthology of Christmas Carols, Stories and Recipes, copiously illustrated, is proposed for a launch on Friday Dec. 8
th – final details in December's Fieillets.
Articles for Les Nouvelles Chroniques on the subject of 'Lé Mangi' (food) should be submitted to L'Office du Jèrriais by Friday Nov. 3
rd or to Geraint by Sunday Nov. 5th.
Lé Sèrvice Annuel will be held on Saturday Dec. 9
th at 7.30pm. - this year at L'Églyise dé la TRINNITÉ.
The carol singing 'en Ville' is proposed for Thursday, 14
th Dec. at 6.30pm – further information in the December Fieillets.
On the subject of accents, apart from the missing 'circonflexe' on the yellow and black public signs for La Faîs'sie d'Cidre, we apologise for the printing error (deliberate of course to elicit comment) in the Autumn Newsletter where all our 'grave' accents became 'aigu' except for the title. We have submitted a reference copy of all the correct forms of the words and accents we use for our Jèrriais texts.
Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday, 1
st. November at 8.00pm in the Arthur Mourant Room for language practice, contributions to Les Nouvelles Chroniques and the penultimate practices for the Eisteddfod. Anybody who can help with reading the amusing few verses in Jèrriais will be most welcome to join us– it's not too late!


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