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Novembre 2002


Salutâtions tout l'monde, ch'est la saîson dé bliâses et dé frits, du nièr beurre et Halloween étout!
Thank you to those who helped with the translations and the poetry at the last meeting but maybe we will be better at a poetry reading this time round rather than a recitation! Nou vèrra à la rêunion tchi veint.
Meanwhile, several Jèrriais verified translations have been given to the public and to the Tourist Office in London and to Radio Jèrri here.
An amusing letter was received from Djonni L'Mousse concerning the wonderful variation in spelling of La Demie des Pas lighthouse, at least four, and the dual language headings of the NZ government notepaper in English and Maori; dare we hope for the same post Clothier? We're still trying.
The typing of the Vocabulaithe is steadily progressing and Dominic has the disc ready for us to use on the initially completed letters, and we have volunteered to help Tony and Geraint with the typing of the unscannable Ph'lip et Mèrrienne stories.
This year some of us helped at the Assembliée's nièr beurre rêunion at Les Potirons, St Mary, which was a superb event. The preparations and activity created a wonderful atmosphere and many children were there on the Thursday evening. There were enough “stirrers”, organised for overnight and on Friday, and some remaining cut apples were given to the Young Farmers for their black butter making, possibly this weekend at Les Prés Manor, Grouville. At les Potirons a huge copper bachîn was kept topped up and people from several parishes helped to make it a great occasion. In addition, much Jèrriais was heard and spoken along with much tea and coffee, cakes and meals being provided by very willing helpers. Much, much, appreciation is due to them and to Mr and Mrs Le Gresley for their hospitality and organisation.
Our next meeting will be on Wednesdaay, 6th November, at 8.00pm at La Société in the Arthur Mourant Room for some Tchestchions et Rêponses en Jèrriais and some poetry “reading”.

À la préchaine,

Jayne Le B Nichols.


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