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Novembre 2001


Salutâtions tout l'monde. November has arrived and La Faîs'sie d'Cidre and Lé Nièr Buerre events have come and gone. Our last meeting showed that people had slowly and steadily been working on translations for the anthology and thank you very much to all those who are persevering. We also had time to practice our piece for the Eisteddfod, and hopefully, those who want to have a go were able to continue at home. My apologies for the accent error in the Newsletter, we shall always request proofs of our originals in future.

Word has come in of another project to raise the public profile of the language, this time, initiated by Checkers. Our congratulations go to them for they have started to advertise some of their food sections using Jèrriais names and titles. Others they have selected have been translated and checked and a meeting will be arranged this month to discuss the further use of Jèrriais.

An additional date for your diaries is that of Thursday, Dec. 6th, when we can all participate in La Chant'tie d'Cantiques dé Noué at La Rue d'Drièthe (King Street); any more information will be given in December's Fieillets. This will be good practice for the Annual Service at St. Andrew's Church the Saturday following, at 7.30pm.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday next, 7th. November, at the Arthur Mourant Room, Pier Road, for translation and vocabulary practice, any more neologisms, and of course perfecting our recitation for the Eisteddfod, on the last Monday and Tuesday in November at La Haute Vallée School. There will be more pupils competing this year too, so your support will help and encourage all of us!


À la préchaine


J. LeB. Nichols (La Présidente)
R. Nichols (Ségrétaithe)




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