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Les Fieillets Jèrriais

Octobre 1999


Salutâtions pouor la saîson des bliâzes et des doux frits! Thank you very much indeed to those who attended the October meeting and who agreed to enter the competition in the Eisteddfod. It takes courage, but our first practice showed that we could do it and we are going ahead with practices.

Reports have been received from Geraint that the service at St. George’s was a success, that carols for La Fête dé Noué could provide another avenue for use of the language, and that headings for the States and the JHT in Jèrriais have been proposed.

Many, many ‘pannièrs des pommes’ were collected at Le Rondin farm last Sunday for the cider making at Hamptonne at the end of this month; many thanks to those who helped.

We have received a translation of the summary of Dr. Lösch’s research for our files and this will be forwarded to Tony Scott Warren along with that of Anne Evermann. A little more publicity followed via a broadcast with Tony and Geraint on the Monday of La Société Week and a beautiful calendar, including Jèrriais, has been published by the Photographic Archives with superb photographs of temps passé selected by Julia Coutanche and Gareth Syvret. Our next meeting for practice and Hamptonne sign work will be at Pier Road, again, 8.00pm, November 3rd after cider making at Hamptonne on October 30th and 31st.


À la préchaine


J. LeB. Nichols
R. Nichols



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