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Octobre 1998

Salutâtions tout l’monde.

Since our Open Day at Hamptonne, we have received a request from England for the book and cassette, Jèrriais is Fun, and a cassette recording of a children’s country song, c.1930’s recited for us en Jèrriais by Mrs D. Lumber also now in England. Research into the tune and translation has been started!

Also, regarding the language, thank you very much to those who continued with Les Mille Preunmièrs Mots en Jèrriais at October’s meeting back at Le Hocq. We are now nearly finished, so should try and complete it during our next two meetings.

Upon advice from Dr Mari Jones, Lee Manning, language teacher at Victoria College, attended the 4th European Conference on Immersion programmes in Teaching of Minority and Second Languages and has included a summary for us. More information can be passed to the teaching group involved in the Primary Education initiative of the Congrès if needed, now that the States have agreed to introduce Jèrriais. Our other resource initiatives and negotiations for archive recordings of Jèrriais are underway.

From abroad, we have received a letter from a dentist in Huy, Liège, S. Belgium, reputed birthplace of Arlette, mother of William the Conqueror where the Walloon dialect is still very much alive and which is very similar to Jèrriais. M. Deneumostier was able to understand the recording in the Jersey Museum and has requested resources from us.

Now for dates of forthcoming events of which you may already be aware:

  1. Lé Nièr Beurre at Rozel Camp Site auvec la fanmil’ye Germain starts on Wednesday 28th October and continues overnight until bottling on Thursday.
  2. Lé Cidre à Hamptonne. Crushing and pressing will take place on Saturday 31st and Sunday 1st November in Lé Preinseu à Hamptonne.
  3. Les Sethées Jèrriaises at the Eisteddfod will take place on Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th November at 7.30pm à la Salle Publique, St Martin.
  4. Lé Service Annuel de L’Assembliée d’Jèrriais will start at 7.30pm at L’Églyise de St André and as usual there will be a fine supper afterwards.

All are welcome to attend the above and participate, en Jèrriais, as much as possible.

Our next two meetings are:-

Finally! WANTED. Your ideas for the 1999 section programme so we can organise a draft for the Annual Meeting which will take place on Wednesday 6th January 1999 at 8.00pm in the Members’ Room, Société Jersiaise, 7 Pier Road.

Ayiz un bouon Automne tout l’monde

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