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Octobre 2009

Salutations tout l'monde, S'tembre est ichîn!. Thank you to those who attended last months meeting, we continued to practice our poem and managed to get our compositions in on time.
On the publicity front, we scored some points on the Antiques Road Show with Geraint welcoming Fiona Bruce en Jèrriais supported by Tony at street level.

On the language front an amusing anecdote from a few years ago concerning the nickname of a well known Jersey 1st. XI hockey player. Cries of go Queenie go were heard echoing around the pitch at Les Q. last Sunday and upon enquiring why….I was reliably informed that during registration in his Prep. School days, his form teacher called out Le Queen….and the name has stuck ever since; no prizes for guessing his Jersey nom d'fanmil'ye. I wonder if his form teacher was English!?

The Autumn Newsletter has been submitted detailing all the Jèrriais events til Christmas and an important item at the Congrès meeting was to arrange support for the Beans n Bingo evening on Friday, Oct. 9th. at La Salle Publique, St. Martin for an evening of fun and prizes.
On Sept. 26th there will be a Séthée Jèrriaise at the Old Magistrates Court, Seale St. behind St. Helier Parish Hall at 8.00 pm to celebrate European Literature Week….with Jèrriais poetry and prose reading… entry.

Our next meeting will be held on Wed. 7th Oct. at 8.00pm in the Arthur Mourant Room at La Société when we shall continue or poetry recitation, language learning and composition skills, this time about Lé temps quifait (the weather) for Oct 31st.

À la préchaine,

John Clarke (Président)

Ralph Nichols (Ségrétaithe)


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