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Octobre 2002


Salutâtiona mes bouons gens, i'faisait bieau temps chu mais; one could almost say lé temps est cliai comme un vèrre!
Thank you to all those who could come to last month's meeting, it was a good evening and instead of the fun and games, we virtually finished the translations of the Woodturners' horoscope (in trees) for them - and it was almost as amusing as some games! Our initial draft has been kindly reviewed by Laurie Hueûlîn who has suggested some refinements. We are missing one tree! No-one knows a tree named 'Whitten' nor have we found it on an initial search. Can anyone help?
We have had translation requests from the London Office of Jersey Tourism for Jèrriais phrases to be sent out on their invitations to travel agents in Britain and from a local boat owner for a Jèrriais translation of a boat name. So, please continue to pass on information about the Section - and to include Jèrriais words and phrases as much as you can in your conversations; it helps to keep them in our minds - and 'inform' the public!
Please look out for La Faîs'sie d'Cidre à Hamptonne at the end of the month and any Nièr Beurre evenings that may occur and interest you.
Included is a copy of some pieces for us to choose for the Eisteddfod so our next meeting which is on Wednesday 2nd October at 8.00pm in the Arthur Mourant Roomwill include a check on the Horoscope and a little practice to see how we feel about any recitation.

À bétôt

Jayne Le B Nichols.


La Section de la langue Jèrriaise
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