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Octobre 2001


Salutâtions tout l'monde. Lé mais d'Octobre arrive. Thank you to those who attended September's meeting, I'm sorry we were absent but there was a clash with holidays and we were in Ile Maurice learning Créole! We heard that it was an enjoyable evening and that more progress was made.

We are proceeding with the translations of the selected examples for the anthology of writings en Jèrriais and this is helping us to increase our vocabulary and phraseology. We also have the first letter sections of Albert Carré's English-Jersey Language Vocabulary on disc, which we shall reverse via the computer for our scrutiny, before sending them to Le Don Balleine for editing. This will also help to increase our vocabulary and give us language practice.

During this European Year of Languages it was hoped to promote Jèrriais by presenting certificates for the best signs, posters, notices, titles and use of Jèrriais by various people, organisations and institutions. The returns are in and many certificates are being presented by Tony and Geraint, one in particular being to Brioni Koester, for the best poster from a pupil.

La Faîs'sie d' Cidre is scheduled for the weekend of 27th.-28th October and as many members as possible are encouraged to attend and continue to use the various easy Jèrriais conversational phrases, suggested by Geraint and Tony such as 'mèrcie bein des fais; bouônjour; beinv'nu à Jèrri; à la prèchaine and à bétôt, etc. Please make a note too, of the Eisteddfod dates and venue- 26th-27th November at La Haute Vallée school.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday, October 3rd, in the Arthur Mourant Room at 8.00pm when we shall continue with translations, language practice and some recitation for the Eisteddfod, and maybe even celebrate October the 14th, the date in 1066 when our Duke went north and started a remarkable chain of events.

A la préchaine,

Jayne Le B. Nichols


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