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Septembre 1999


Salutâtions! The first section of the ‘Thousand Words’ has been edited with the kind help of Laurie Huelin, Tony Scott-Warren and confirmation where necessary, from Dr. Le Maistre. We have met and received correspondence from Mr Kurt Hanson who advised of Dr. Bernhard Pöll’s book on French Outside France - which did not include Jèrriais! Mr Hanson and we have rectified this; he also sent us information on the status of Alsatian dialects. A letter from Djonnyi l’Mouosse advised that the Guernsey National Trust’s explanatory notes for their collections are in both English and "the Norman French of Guernsey". We shall follow this up with our National Trust as soon as possible. He also included a translation into Jèrriais, his own composition, of Robbie Burns’ "To a Mouse", because the national bard’s work has been translated into ‘hundreds of languages’, but not Jèrriais. He wants to distinguish a mouse from a mouosse! Our library has also received a copy of Dr. Lösch’s thesis on Jèrriais, in German, and we will try to obtain a translation of his conclusions.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, 6th October at 8pm in the Committee Room at Pier Road - definitely this time! We shall investigate the poetry choices for the recitation, BUT NOT TO PERFORM IF YOU DON’T WANT TO, and will continue with the translation of the Hamptonne signs into Jèrriais. Those who attended the last meeting and are willing to practice, please try again this time. So even if you are shy of reciting Jèrriais, you can help us with pronunciation and the sign vocabulary.


À la préchaine


J. LeB. Nichols
R. Nichols



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