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Septembre 2008


Salutâtions tout lmonde. Thank you to everyone who attended last months meeting. We concentrated on going through the new words, mostly already attested and discussed their context and usage. These will be included in the second edition of the Jèrriais Angliais Dictionary to be published this Christmas.
August has been an interesting month as we have had two visitors investigating the use of Jèrriais and who will publish their results in two ways.
They worked simultaneously but separately. One was Dr. Mari Jones from Peterhouse College Cambridge who interviewed as many Jèrriais speakers as possible in a week and in almost every Parish. The results will help to up-date the languages map of the region and she will report back to the University of Caen in the Autumn. We, and LOffice du Jèrriais will get copies of her recordings for our archives.
The second visitor was Andréanne Germain from Ottawa and the National Film Board of Canada who was on a roving commission to interview and record for television, a documentary on Jèrriais for comparison with an Ontario French language…Franco-Ontarienne. She too, interviewed several Jèrriais speakers outside at work, including Tosh Germain at Rozel. She also recorded several songs sung for her by the students on the platform at the Pallot Steam Museum. We also gave her Judge Nablo's address in Hamilton for contact and information on the Jèrriais he has kindly discussed with us over the years.
Hopefully, we shall all benefit from the increased publicity stemming from these study-visits.
Our next meeting will be held in the Arthur Mourant Room on Wed. Sept. 3rd at 8.00pm for some more composition, language practice and Eisteddfod poetry. Maybe too, we shall have some diary dates for Autumnal events.

John Clarke (Président)

Ralph Nichols (Ségrétaithe)


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