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Septembre 2006

Salutâtions tout l'monde; ch'est Septembre et presqué s'tembre étout!
Thank you to those who attended last month's meeting and because of the change of venue and the secretary's absence, please find enclosed a short text on Lé Hâvre du Saie for vocabulary use.
It's been a quiet month for the section but we can report the continued misuse of written and spoken Jèrriais, and French as also part of our language heritage.
In the Gâzette, - Belcroûte(Bay) should have read Belcroute, as the latter refers to a fine croft or cultivated land round a dwelling – not a fine crust! - a case of mixing French and Jèrriais.
In the General Hospital,- Bon Santé forms a lovely greeting above the Restaurant entrance as you come through the main doors, instead of Bonne Santé in French or even Bouonne Santé in Jèrriais, as 'santé' is feminine.
A new development by Choice Properties in Samarès Lane has a big sign for Clos de Reve which should at least read Clos de Rêve if not Rêves.
And on the radio, La Grande Route de la Cot was used twice this week instead of Côte.
We shall try and contact the people concerned and offer help as usual. Maybe we could circulate a short spelling/accent check list of the common errors to the businesses concerned and ask the Alliance Française if they make any contact regarding errors as we are primarily concerned with Jèrriais.
Meanwhile, our next meeting will be on Wed. 6th.Sept. at 8.00pm in the Arthur Mourant Room at La Société for some language practice for Les Nouvelles Chroniques this Autumn and a check on the Anthology.


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