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Août 2007


Salutâtions tout l’monde. Extchusez - moi s’i’ vouos pliaît, pouor lé d’lai, ch’est lé d’faut des touos les travas du c’mîn et les rouoges feux!
Thank you to those who attended last month’s meeting; we covered a variety of things, mainly discussing various aspects of the Fête Normande to be held in Jersey next year. These centred around the possibility of including one or two more items in the programme as we still have to occupy our area for three days.
The proposed summer event for the Congrès, ….eune bordée d’ skite (fanne)……at the end of August has been postponed because of clashes with other events and possibly with many family holidays. Some of the activities which would have been provided by local organisations may be considered for the Fête Normande, if thought to be local enough.
A request was received for new words (neologisms) in Jèrriais to help with a research project, as was a request for origins of versions of Auld Lang Syne in Jèrriais. L’Office du Jèrriais has replied to both.
We have not seen any errors in the language published last month and this coming month could be quiet due to holidays.
If you enjoy singing, come to La Fèrme Open Day, Sat. Aug. 11th. at 2.15 pm when we shall be joining the students in singing a selection of Jèrriais songs.
Our next meeting will be held this Wednesday at 8.00pm in the Arthur Mourant Room at La Société when we will refresh our rather sketchy knowledge of the Eisteddfod piece and continue with our language work for the Autumn edition of Les Nouvelles Chroniques, deadline c. Sept. 1st.


La Section de la langue Jèrriaise
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