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Août 2002


Salutâtions tout l'monde. Auprès lé d'luge lé bieau temps en Août? Thank you to those who did the beach and garden walk at St. Brelade; it was a lovely evening and we used a lot of Jèrriais for the things we saw and found. The media discussion about beach cleanliness is interesting when you see what we recorded.

Meanwhile, the house name project continues as does the street name review. The atlas is in press and should prove useful as it is a combination of the road and place names, all the National Trust properties and some of the localities found in the two large Jersey Place Names volumes. We have only the letter 'T' to complete for the Jèrriais-English version of Carré's vocabulary and our sincere thanks go to Wayne Le Cuirot for his continued typing of the Ph'lip and Mêrrienne stories.

Another project involves the several roads in each parish without names. If you know of any roads without signs but the name is known to you please let us know. Specific ones will be identified in subsequent Fieillets.

A request has appeared for a title for the new St.Lawrence Parish Newsletter/Magazine. We suggest as many as possible be submitted in Jèrriais to Mrs Anne Bougourd (Editor), Alcantra, 16 Le Clos de Devant, St. Laurent, JE3 1GR.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday, 6th August at 8.00pm in the Arthur Mourant Room at La Société to try and finalise the house names booklet, compile a pet name glossary and even more names for the St Lawrence magazine.

À la préchaine,

John Clarke (Président)
Ralph Nichols (Ségrétaithe)


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