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Juilet 1999


Salutâtions; tchi bieau temps, mais p’t-être i’fait trop caud?

The meeting on Wednesday 7th July was remarkable. Thank you to those who did not give up (because of an unknown lock-out on the computer) and who stayed to absorb the astounding amount of information from Geraint on the wealth and variety of Jèrriais on the Internet. In addition, there are links to other minority languages and the government attitude in each of the countries, along with information on the education services involving each language. Tony Scott-Warren’s information and educational resources were there too. Enclosed is a summary from Geraint of all the services available together with their addresses. Geraint has put Jersey and its language on a world wide access basis and now he and Tony are extending this. We are indebted to them for having given so much of their time on collating and compiling this astonishing amount of information

In terms of projects, we have talked on several occasions about a special neology committee needed for Jèrriais. We found one for Icelandic and Tony has found a similar one for Catalan, complete with new word lists by topic. He voiced his thoughts on radio and thought that the Don Balleine might provide the forum. In Iceland, the special committee comprises retired members of the professions and trades who compose the new words relevant to their expertise. Maybe this could be a way forward here.

Further information was received about the new names for the roads and paths west of Albert; they have been accepted by all concerned and we would like to thank the Parish Roads Committee and the W.E.B. for agreeing to them. We also received a list (but not definitive) of all the other Parish (St Helier) road names which are providing a working base.

Following the initiative of John Clark, and our use of Jèrriais (open day and La Fête Normande) on signs in various areas at Hamptonne, we have held discussions and a site meeting regarding the herb garden and other areas. In addition to the present Jèrriais in their trail guides, plans for the other areas are progressing well with full accord between all.

It was a pleasure to see Jèrriais used for a name in a very public place, which I had missed previously, namely, La Montée des Grèves Kiosk at Gorey. Has anyone seen others that could be useful for the record?

The next meeting will be on Wednesday, 4th August, at 7.30pm at the Battle of Flowers Museum with Flo Bechelet and some Jèrriais vocabulary. The cost will be subsidised by the Section as the Museum is being opened especially for us.

Enfîn, un tas dé felicitâtions à Lee Manning tchi s’en va "amather lé noeud" auve Margaret.

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