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Les Fieillets Jèrriais

Juîn 2007


Salutâtions tout l’monde, et acouo eune fais Lé Sèrvice à La Chapelle dé St. Martin et La Fête Normande, i’vîntent et fûtent or is it ‘ils sont venus et sont allés’ ?
Thank you to all those who came to last month’s meeting during which our knowledge of tenses improved again with an exercise on the present and future tenses in one sentence. Arrangements for attending La Fête Normande at Briquebec à La Grand’Tèrre were made and we were represented by our Chairman, John Clarke, and Geraint Jennings possibly wearing several hats! Our felicitâtions go to him for winning certain prizes and a handsome medal.
All reports indicate people enjoyed themselves despite some usual French time keeping and delayed starts.
Copies of our book, a ‘Collection of Jèrriais Literature’ were made available and several were sold; advertisements for the Fête in Jersey next year were also handed to everyone! The following Wednesday, the book was launched locally by our Chairman, John Clarke, who arranged for the provision of some of his freshly dug, cooked, and finely tasting Jersey Royals, some Nièr Beurre auvec des ‘crèmes cratchis’ et eune tâssée d’cidre. Copies of the book are available at La Société’s bookshop for £6.99, less 10% for members – well worth it.
Last weekend also saw La Foire de Jersey at the RJA&HS and in the hall, a variety of Jèrriais books, booklets and learning materials was available accompanied by colourful, informative posters on the stand around the Jèrriais table staffed by volunteers; enquiries and sales were steady over the three days. All we need now is a variety of merchandise and a place to store it – ideas please.
Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, 6th June at 8.00pm in the AM Room, Pier Road, for some language games, possible Bastille Day composition prep., recitation practice and maybe a recap on our tense knowledge - and reading it out loud!


La Section de la langue Jèrriaise
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