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Juîn 2006

Salutâtions tout l'monde. Enfîn du solé et i'fait bé! Thank you again to those who attended last month's meeting; we might have just reached the last lot of editing of the Anthology.
We have also just about decided on the poem to read in the Eisteddfod; this required a bit more discussion as we were unsure of our ability to do it justice.
Lé Sèrvice d'Èrnouvé at l'Églyise dé St Pièrre was well attended and everyone seemed in good voice. The readings by Clifford Laisney and Geraint Jennings were loud and clear.
Lé Concèrt à La Salle Paraîssiale dé St. Jean was also well attended but this time people had to sing for their supper, another good spread provided by the students. An innovation this year, which was much appreciated, was a stand-up comedy session with Ron Smith and Oscar Chevalyi exchanging jokes en Jèrriais.
The news this month is again of mispronunciations and incorrect spellings. On the radio, apart from the repeated errors of pronouncing the 't' in Mont........ there was the old one, in bold letters, of a house for sale at 'Quaisne' headlined by Troy's Estate agents! And i
f anyone wants a quiz, look at p.23 of the new Heritage and Culture booklet by Jersey Tourism Department, and see how many mistakes you can find .....and we naively thought they would check with us or the Office du Jèrriais before going to press! The amusing part is that they had the temerity to print that 'all information was correct on going to press'!
This month's meeting is on Wednesday 7th. June at 8.00pm in the Arthur Mourant Room at La Société for a progress report on the Anthology, any reading, editing and writing that's needs to be done, and any contributions to La Fête Normande in Guernsey on Saturday,
June 24


La Section de la langue Jèrriaise
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