La Section de la langue Jèrriaise

Les Fieillets Jèrriais

Juîn 2001


Salutations tout le monde, tchi bieau temps enfin. Thank you again to all those who came to the last meeting for an interesting session of language and verse, particularly about cider and the apple, a propos our stall at La Fete de Bafre! followed by a short practice of L'Achocre from the depths of our memories.

Thank you too to those who replied with comments on the neologisms; they have been very gratefully received and will give rise to much discussion at our next meeting. Since we have known that other countries such as Iceland have a special committee to approve new words and that Tony and Geraint have lists from other countries, we have suggested that it is time to form one here, preferably under the supervision of Le Don Balleine. With the response we are getting, maybe that time should be soon. An alternative method is to accept words by common usage; which is better?

The Fete was excellent and our stall plus display board attracted many comments, provoked much discussion and promoted pleasing sales of most of the publications. Thank you very much indeed to those who helped in answering questions and selling the 'word', especially Geraint for the board and displays.

Enclosed are copies of three postcards in Norman which we found on a recent holiday around Dives-sur-Mer for your amusement, and we also have a list of Duke William's Compagnons whose names are engraved above the lintel in Dives' church and who went with him from Dives to St. Valery and thence to Pevensey. So, if you want to check for any of your ancestors please contact us for a copy.

Our next meeting will be held in the Arthur Mourant Room on Wednesday next, 6th. June, 2001, for language practice, translation of the attached Monologues Humoristiques and discussion of the neologism replies plus AOB.

A la préchaine

J. LeB. Nichols (Présidente)


La Section de la langue Jèrriaise
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