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Les Fieillets Jèrriais

Mai 1999


Salutâtions. Thank you to those who did the chasse en vouaituthe this month; we had fine weather, and fine food from a very amiable host at L’Auberge du Nord, and the route was enjoyed by all.

As our language is interesting to a number of people abroad, the Committee would like members’ ideas on research that they would be interested in doing during our meetings, to raise the profile and promote the use of Jèrriais outside. We could then publish the results. For example, in addition to the bird names we have provided for Mike Stentiford’s publications and the further corrections for the reprinting of the large, coloured version of Perry’s Guide, Djonnyi Le Mousse has given us some herbs and vegetable names at Hamptonne, presently in English. The trail guide there, already includes some Jèrriais words and discussions are in progress to add those of the herbs.

Included this month is a list of suggested names for the area "west of Albert". Comments would be gratefully received to be forwarded to Geraint and the Roads Committee.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 2nd June, 7pm for 7.30pm (note the different time) at Brantwood, La Rue des Cabarettes, St Martin, for a horse-drawn ride in Brian & Joyce’s Vanne, for Jèrriais and for tea and scones in the barn. If wet, we are still in the barn! Bring warm clothes (and a flask if you wish something else); the rest will be provided.

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