La Section de la langue Jèrriaise

Les Fieillets Jèrriais

Avri 1999


Salutâtions! What a superb day at Hamptonne; so many people interested in Jèrriais, Norman French and Dgèrnésiais. The atmosphere was so very different from the normal one, with the variety of costume, language and activities. Congratulations to everyone who organised, helped and performed, and to see the three languages in print alongside each other was more than a bonus. The service at the Town Church was also excellent on the Sunday afternoon, with fine singing and a thoughtful sermon.

Our next event is the Scavenger Hunt in both English and Jèrriais on Sunday 2nd May at 2.30pm, starting and finishing at LíAuberge du Nord about 5.00pm. Please meet for about 2.15pm. Prizes will be presented by 5.30pm.

For those unable to visit the Société the text and cassette of Dís Arînmées en Jèrriais (Nursery Rhymes in Jèrriais) have been reprinted and issued by the Le Don Balleine, and are available from the Société office at a cost of £9.00.

I apologise for the lack of Jèrriais but I have been overwhelmed with other work; finally you may have noticed a line-skip in the printing of the Newsletter - "bird names en Jèrriais have been included in Mike Stentifordís......" not the road names around St. Helier!



La Section de la langue Jèrriaise
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