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Les Fieillets Jèrriais

Avri 2006

Salutâtions tout l'monde. Enfîn l'èrnouvé n'est pas liain et pis tout s'sa bé et r'vèrdi! Thank you to everyone who attended last month for another enjoyable session, although the Eisteddfod poems seemed a bit ambitious at first sight.
It is good to report that the Anthology biographies are being reviewed and arranged which will leave us only with the remaining proof reading and the brief explanatory notes.
Various pieces of literature and copies of Les Nouvelles Chroniques were given to Collette Quinn who kindly took them across to Denise Veron in Le Cotentîn for reading and comment, which may enable us to establish more contact in time for La Fête Normande next year in Normandy.
The various nominations for the Crapauds d'Or certificates have been well received and the certificates will be issued shortly; we will try and incorporate the list with examples in next month's Fieillets.
Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 5th April at 8.00pm in the Arthur Mourant Room at La Société where we will continue with proof reading, poetry reading and possibly a particular tense study of a verb or two with or without some composition!
As Easter approaches, the days are - Lé Vendrédi Saint, Lé Sanm'di d'Pâques, Lé Dînmanche dé Pâques et Lé Lundi d'Pâques, so, 'ayez un bieau Pâques' and an old toast for you;

Bouôn yi,
Bouôn pid,
Bouôn dent,
Et l'Paradis
À la fîn d'vos jours.


La Section de la langue Jèrriaise
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