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Les Fieillets Jèrriais

Mar 2004


Salutâtions tout l'monde. Tchi temps! Duthant l'jour-du solé, et duthant la niet-un suée d'né! Thank you to those who helped with the remaining translations of the poetry and prose for the Anthology. It was a very interesting and useful exercise although frustrating in part when trying to find the meanings in the dictionary. It emphasised the saying that translation is interpretation. Several of them have been typed and there is already a working copy in booklet form.

We are also very close to having a working copy of the Jèrriais-English Vocabulary. Geraint has switched the typed lists and they only await minor adjustment. Then it will be ready for editing and the possible addition of the verb conjugations.

An amusing request arrived for a translation of “The Dog-House” as a house name, (unbelievably not in our book!), which we suggested should be La Câniche (or La Canniche), a kennel; this can be used in the pejorative sense too for a bed, as in “J'm'en vais à la câniche” because in Jèrriais there only seem to be expressions for being sent to the dog-house, such as, “Va t'faithe quatorze; Va t'faithe tchînze; or Va t'faithe quatorze dans la rue tchînze.”

We cannot find the origin of these expressions- does any one have any information?

Our next meeting will be held next week at 8pm on Wed. March 3rd at La Société for another session of translation plus author notes and hopefully a game or two en Jèrriais.

À la préchaine,

John Clarke (Président)

Ralph Nichols (Ségrétaithe)


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