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Les Fieillets Jèrriais

Févri 2009

Salutâtions tout l’monde. Tchi temps acouo; ch’est comme un mathais souos l’pid.

Thank you to those who attended our Annual Review and programme meeting. All went smoothly and the Annual Report for the Bulletin detailing all the successful events was read and accepted. It has also been translated into Jèrriais for publication in the Bulletin. A programme for 2009 (see below) was suggested and the present Officers, who agreed to be proposed and seconded, were re-elected for 2009.

It was agreed that we should continue to concentrate on learning the language, saving and publishing the rich variety of literature which appeared in the gazettes and Eisteddfodau of temps passé and on trying to improve our performances in the latter. To these ends, the programme below, includes the writing of four articles or stories for Les Nouvelles Chroniques and the sorting, selection and re-presentation of the Eisteddfod pieces given to us by Laurie Huelin. In addition, there will be a variety of vocabulary, conversation exercises, language games and poetry readings. La Fête Nouormande is in Guernsey this year on May 23/24th.

Proposed programme for 2009. (Any changes are possible).

Our next meeting is at 8.00pm, Feb. 4th, A. Mourant Room at the Soc. Jers. as above.


La Section de la langue Jèrriaise
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