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Févri 2008

Salutâtions tout l’monde, tchi temps! Thank you to all those who attended our review and programme meeting. We reviewed our year and the Annual Report has been written and translated into Jèrriais. It was a full year, mainly concerned with the publication of the first collection of Jèrriais literature but also with participation in lots of events which continued to raise the public profile of the language.
We are at present helping to edit the companion volume of the Jèrriais-Angliais dictionary, namely the Angliais – Jèrriais version due out in May in time for La Fête Normande which the Jersey Jèrriais groups will be hosting at the RJA&HS. There will be a Newsletter flyer for pre-publication orders at a discount.
In addition, we will be trying our hand at composing short stories for Les Chroniques du Don Balleine for their quarterly issues. The first theme is ‘Les Ouaîsieaux’ anything on ‘birds’ due in to La Société or L’Office du Jèrriais by Feb. 14th. The other themes and deadlines are as follows;
La Littéthatuthe – about any literature you enjoy by......May 1st.
Les Sou – about money! .....Septembre 1st.
Dgiex Mots - story around 10 words to be given later....October 31st.
Proposed programme; may be amended with advice by Les Fieillets.
Jan. 9th. Annual review and 2008 programme.
Fev.6th. Short stories about ‘Les Ouaîsieaux’; proof reading Dictionary.
Mar. 5th. Any last minute proof reading +/- vocab. games en Jèrriais.
Avr. 2nd. Short stories about ‘La Littératuthe’ for May deadline. Any contribution for La Fête Normande.
Mai 7th. Practices, verbal and/or written for any Fête contributions; 24, 25, 26th May.
Juin 4th. Poetry /prose readings - selection for the Eisteddfod +/- games en Jèrriais.
Juil. 2nd. Visit - eg. La Grève de Lecq...Câtel, Moulîn, Barracques, Grève!
Aou.6th. Short stories about ‘Les Sou’ for September deadline. Eisteddfod practice.
Sept. 3rd. First reading of Laurie Heulin’s archive of past Eisteddfodau pieces.
Oct. 1st. Short stories around 10 words for Oct.31st. Eisteddfod practice; continued reading of above.
Nov. 5th. Eisteddfod practice; possible selection from archive material for any emendation.
Dec. 3rd. Cantiques d’Noué et du vîn caud!
Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, Feb. 6th. at 8.00pm in the AM Room at La Société.
Our esteemed Chairman apologises for his absence but a return from New Zealand is a step too far!
À la préchaine,
Ralph Nichols (Ségrétaithe)


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