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Févri 2007

Salutâtions tout l'monde. Ch'est Févri et i'y'a des flieurs d'èrnouvé dêjà.

We had a short and fruitful meeting in January but went through last year's activities for the Annual Report and compiled a skeleton programme (see below) for this year. We also discussed ways of keeping Jèrriais in the public domain and concluded that eternal vigilance was still needed, along with continued practice at writing short stories, reading them - as an aid to the conversation practice we need - and publishing them.

For the coming year, L'Office du Jèrriais have a full programme of initiatives to produce resource material for the teaching and proposed examination course. There will also be regular monthly teachers' meetings to discuss use of interesting resources, already produced, and alternative methods of instruction.

Errors noted were in pronunciation La Rue Sargenté for Sergenté, and in print, the extremely valuable Consumer's Advice (CAB) magazine had errors in French with Grande Marche, Rue de Pres and Nescafe.

Finally, the Anthology (Collection) has been completed with the late finding of a Jèrriais advertisement kindly provided by Roger Long and is back in the hands of the Publications Committee for publication in May.

Our next Meeting is on Wednesday, 7th February, 8.00pm in the A. Mourant Room at the SJ. for some writing practice for the Spring issue of Les Nouvelles Chroniques - this time to include the 10 following words in any form.

Biche, Bliu, Co, Fé, Gângni, Leune, Pitchi, Souôrithe, Tchithier, Tête.
Programme. À la préchaine,
John Clarke (Président)
Ralph Nichols (Ségrétaithe)


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