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Les Fieillets Jèrriais

Févri 2004


Salutâtions tout l'monde, acouo eune fais! Thank you to all those who attended our Annual Meeting; it proceeded - sans problièmes - and the 2003 report revealed how much we had done. It was approved and will be presented as the Section's Report in the Annual Bulletin.

It was also reported that the budget request for 2004 was granted which will allow for the publication of some resources. The Committee will continue to serve all your needs, having been returned en bloc!

Our annual programme was discussed and adopted and is attached. It was agreed that we should concentrate on the following:

Another curious pronunciation on the radio - Rue de la Poynter - rather than La Rue de la Pointe! We shall keep trying! Our first meeting will be on Wed. 4
th Feb. at 8.00pm in the Arthur Mourant room when we shall start the last phase of the Anthology. The reference books needed for the various notes will be provided and conversation practice will be included. Séyiz les beinv'nus.

À bétôt,

John Clarke (Président, 873556).
Ralph Nichols (Ségrétaithe, 862756).

Programme dé La Section dé la Langue Jèrriaise 2004

Janv. 7th. Annual Meeting to receive annual reports from the Chairman and the Treasurer, elect officers and discuss the programme for 2004.
Fév. 4th. Start proof reading and corrections of the Anthology. Start compiling author and item notes; information to be obtained from various resources which are in Les Pages Jèrriaises and in the Library, and will be available at each meeting. Conversation and games.
Mar 3rd. Continue with the above, plus review and selection of pieces for the Eisteddfod 2004; reading same to the group. Conversation and games.
Avr. 7th Continue with above and practice 2003 Eisteddfod piece for La Fête Normande at La Fête Médiévale in Bayeux, in July, plus Eisteddfod 2004. Conversation and games.
Mai 5th. Review Anthology progress; continue if necessary, or start on Anthology of Jèrriais Songs. Discuss compiling June Scavenger Hunt for fund raising for La Fête Normande 2005 in Jersey. Practice Eisteddfod 2004 piece. Conversation and games.
Juîn 2nd Continue with above. Practice “D'la Viande dé Gh'va” for La Fête Normande, Bayeux, Fri. Sat. Sun., 2nd,3rd,4th July. Conversation and games.
Juil. 7th Continue with Song Anthology and discuss any information received about Parish signs in Jèrriais ref. that of St. Ouën. Conversation and games. Practice Eisteddfod 2004 piece.
Août 4th Visit to Lé Havre d'St. Aubin for vocabulary and conversation practice.
Sept.1st Continue with Song Anthology and start composition of 'Pomme Poèmes' or limericks for La Faîs'sie d'Cidre at Hamptonne in late October. Conversation and games. Practice Eisteddfod 2004 piece.
Oct. 6th Review of Guy Fawkes' celebrations en Jèrriais. Practice Eisteddfod 2004 piece. Discuss and select any individual or group pieces for the final Concèrt. Conversation and games.
Nov 3rd Guy Fawkes celebrations in final form. Practice for Eisteddfod 2004, late Nov. and for Lé Concèrt. Conversation and games.
Déz. 1st Carol practice etc. for Les Fêtes dé Noué; en ville, à l'églyise et à la Salle Publique.


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