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Les Fieillets Jèrriais

Janvyi 2002


Salutâtions et Bouonne Année à tout l'monde. These Fieillets will be short while I concentrate on the Annual Report for 2001! Firstly I hope that everyone had a happy and not too stressful a Christmas for at times the atmosphere seems to become less peaceful around us. However, Section members can be pleased that we ended the year in a happy and joyful way.

The carol practice went down well as did the refreshments, while on the Thursday evening, La Chant'tie d'Cantiques dé Noué in a good spot outside Marks and Spencer was good fun, with a mixture of students, Section members, and pupils wonderfully supported by their parents, singing from a colourful carol booklet prepared by Geraint and Tony.

The Sèrvice Annuel followed on the Saturday and the singing by the Assembliée choir and the congregation was performed beautifully whilst the Students gave a lovely rendition of Parmi l'g'lée d'hivé. The evening was topped off as usual with a wonderful supper prepared by members of the Assembliée and the Students followed by the appearance of Papa Noué auve sa Faîtelle both superbly and appropriately dressed, although it's difficult to find perfect dêdgisements for some people!

Meanwhile, on the publicity front Checkers were proceeding with their labelling of various food sections en Jèrriais and one could buy the Christmas meat from Mess B Lé Bouochi.

A la préchaine,
Jayne Le B. Nichols



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