Vicomtes were first mentioned in records from the fourteenth century – a legacy from the Duchy of Normandy.  At this time Vicomtes were usually Seigneurs appointed by the Governor to this executive office with  power to arrest, acting on instructions from the Royal Court. The records also show occasional Député Vicomtes.  It is still a Crown appointment today, 'Viscount' and now act as the island’s Coronor, conducting Inquests in cases of violent or sudden deaths.

1258 Jourdain de la Hougue
1299 Pierre Espiart
1309 Mathieu Le Loreour (Loreur)
1311 Richard de Jersey (son of Richard)
1324 Guillaume de St. Helier
1327 John de la Marche
1331 Johan de la Manche
1340 Raoul Mahy
1361 Johan Brone
1408 Jean de la Rue
1435 John Stibbe
1462 Guill Dumaresq
1479 John Nicolle. (later Bailiff)
1517 Hélier de la Rocque (later Bailiff)
1527 John Nicolle
1532 John Le Gallais (Dep. Vicomte)
1534 John Estur (Dep. Vicomte)
1534 John Payn
1540 Edouard de Carteret
1542 Nicolas Triguel
1544 John Payn (2nd time)
1549 Edouard de Carteret
1554 Nicolas de Carteret
1557 John Dumaresq (later Bailiff)
1564 Gilles Lempriere
1570 Hélier Lempriere
1621 Laurens Hamptonne
1661 Jean Nicolle
1668 Edouard de Carteret
1708 David Bandinel
1716 George Bandinel
1728 George Bandinel (jun)
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