In 1562  a Royal Commission of Queen Elizabeth I   ordained the creation of  Registers of legal Contracts.   In the Island of Jersey, however  Le REGISTRE PUBLIC des CONTRACTS was not instituted finally until 1602.   On the 1st August 1602, the (then) Dénonciateur, Jean Le Geyt was given charge of this Register by the Bailiff and entitled "Clerc pour les enregistremens des lettres des passemens héréditaux."   On 28th September 1604 Jean Bisson,  (the son of an Avocat de la Cour Royale, Perrin Bisson of Trinity)  was charged with the duty - a post he held for the next forty years. 

1604 Jean Bisson
1646 Mathieu Dorey
1652 Siméon Esnouf
1655 David Baninel
1660 Philippe Dumaresq
1668 David Baninel
( second time )
1671 Edouard Pipon
1681 Raulin Robin
1686 Edouard La Cloche
1715 Mathieu Le Geyt
1730 Jean Pipon
1767 Philipp de Carteret jun.
1786 Philippe de Carteret ( son of the preceding )
1795 Jean de Veulle
1814 Philippe de Carteret jun.
( 20 year old son of Juré-Justicier Philippe de Carteret )
1861 John Coutanche
1901 Philippe Alfred Roissier

1905 The  'Enregistreur des Contracts'  was re-titled 'Commis-au-Registre'